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Roy Costa is the founder and owner of the consulting firm Environ Health Associates Inc. He is a registered professional sanitarian (RS) with almost 40 years of environmental health practice in the academic, government and private sectors. Costa is an educator and food safety trainer with experience in a number of countries. He is a Lead Instructor for the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) and for the Produce Safety Alliance. Costa’s practice specializes in the prevention and control of food and waterborne infectious agents.

As the result of numerous national and international outbreaks of foodborne illness, food industries worldwide have come under increasing pressure to ensure that their products are safe, wholesome and meet government standards. FDA and USDA have the primary authority for our food supply nationally, while individual states typically regulate local
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One of the most important protections we have against foodborne illness is our disease-surveillance systems. These systems field reports from widespread sources and may include disease-reporting registries, local and state health departments, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and utilize active outreach to clinicians and hospitals.

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Cross Contamination is the bane of every food-safety management system.  While food safety professionals concentrate on the process flow through a food system, sanitation personnel should also be mindful of conditions where pathogens may reach otherwise safely processed foods. Preventing the transfer of pathogens from one product to another is
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