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Safe Grilling Tips for the Fourth of July


Since the Fourth of July is the high point of summer grilling season for many American families, we at Food Safety News like to remind everyone this time of year of a few simple safety tips to keep your Independence Day free of foodborne illness. The two biggest safety concerns when grilling involve the threat of… Continue Reading

Medium-Rare Burgers: A Risky Culinary Comeback


For those in the food industry, the Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak of 1993 is known as the single event that convinced burger joints across the country to raise their internal cooking temperature by 15 degrees. In that outbreak, hamburgers sold at Jack in the Box franchises predominantly in Washington state sickened more… Continue Reading

Independent Ranchers Still In Limbo From Rancho Beef Recall


Last August, James Baker took a job as the warehouse manager of BN Ranch after receiving an offer from the owner, Bill Niman. Baker had worked with Niman at another ranch several years prior, and he quickly jumped at the opportunity to work with him again now that Niman had his own ranch. “Bill is… Continue Reading

Fermenting Veggies at Home: Follow Food Safety ABCs


Fermentation has become what USDA microbiologist Fred Breidt, Jr., describes as a “movement that’s picking up speed.” And for good reason, said Breidt, who specializes in the safety of fermented and acidic foods. Referring to home preparers, small producers and restaurant owners, he said that “they like being able to pick up these nice flavors… Continue Reading

Happy Ending for Family Devastated by Listeria


When Joanna Valentine finally got pregnant after two years of attempts and more than 10 years together with her partner, Laurie Sorenson, she knew that she was going to take every recommended precaution during her pregnancy. Part of that meant buckling down on the adventurous side of her diet. Despite being a self-described foodie, Valentine… Continue Reading

Navajo Nation Hikes Sales Taxes on ‘Junk Foods,’ Makes Healthy Food Choices Tax-Free


The Navajo Nation is going to use sales tax policies to try changing food habits on the largest Indian reservation in the United States. The Navajo Nation Council on Jan. 30 approved an additional 2-percent sales tax on so-called “junk foods,” including all sugary beverages. The addition will increase the total sales tax on those… Continue Reading

FDA Investigating Puffer Fish Poisoning in Virginia


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is working with local officials to investigate a case of tetrodotoxin poisoning in Fairfax County, VA, which they suspect is linked to the consumption of imported puffer fish, according to a report from FDA. The patient under investigation received the puffer fish in a package from relatives in South… Continue Reading

NJ Restaurant Inspections Hard to Find for Super Bowl Fans

Super bowl spread

New Jersey’s Health Commissioner is out with advice for fans attending Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday. And, while some food safety tips were included, Commissioner Mary E. O’Dowd was silent about finding restaurants with good inspection records. Her spokeswoman, Donna Leusner, told Food Safety News that’s because restaurant inspections in New Jersey are strictly a… Continue Reading