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Stores in 45 States, Guam, Puerto Rico Affected by Expanding Rancho Beef Recall

(This article was updated March 10 with information from USDA’s March 8 list of retailers.)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture now believes that the approximately 8.7 million pounds of meat recalled by Petaluma, CA, processor Rancho Feeding Corporation and lacking a full federal inspection was shipped to distribution centers and retail establishments nationwide.

The Class 1 recall initially stated that the recalled products had been shipped to distribution centers and retail establishments in California, Florida, Illinois and Texas.

The current list of distributors published by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) includes more than 5,800 specific retailers (a previous version listed more than 6,300) in 45 states, Washington, D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico.

There are another 171 “Nationwide, State-Wide, or Area-Wide Distribution” locations listed that include 7-11, Albertsons, Family Dollar, Kroger, Piggly-Wiggly, Walgreens and various gas stations. Shell and Target are the two stores with locations listed as “nationwide.”

FSIS reissued the recall release on Feb. 18, stating that the update is “a consequence of a properly working recall process.”

“When the recall release was first issued on February 8, FSIS was unable to ascertain the extent of the establishments involved,” the notice reads. “As the establishments were notified, the list of States affected grew.”

In the March 8 update, more than 2,300 stores are listed for California, the state with the most retailers. Among the additional “Nationwide, State-Wide, or Area-Wide Distribution” locations in California are about 60 chains including 7-11, Chevron, Family Dollar, Food 4 Less, Rite Aide, Safeway, Walgreens and Winco.

Nestlé has also recalled some of its Hot Pockets sandwiches because, although the company did not purchase meat directly from Rancho, “a small quantity of meat from Rancho was used at Nestlé’s Chatsworth, California production operation.”

The following Rancho Feeding Corporation products are subject to recall:

  • “Beef Carcasses” (wholesale and custom sales only)
  • 2 per box “Beef (Market) Heads” (retail only)
  • 4-gallons per box “Beef Blood” (wholesale only)
  • 20-lb. boxes of “Beef Oxtail”
  • 30-lb. boxes of “Beef Cheeks”
  • 30-lb. boxes of ” Beef Lips”
  • 30-lb. boxes of “Beef Omasum”
  • 30-lb. boxes of “Beef Tripas”
  • 30-lb. boxes of “Mountain Oysters”
  • 30-lb. boxes of “Sweet Breads”
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of “Beef Liver”
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of “Beef Tripe”
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of “Beef Tongue”
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of “Veal Cuts”
  • 40-lb. boxes of “Veal Bones”
  • 50-lb. boxes of “Beef Feet”
  • 50-lb. boxes of “Beef Hearts”
  • 60-lb. boxes of “Veal Trim”

Beef carcasses and boxes bear the establishment number “EST. 527” inside the USDA mark of inspection. Each box bears the case code number ending in “3” or “4.” The products were produced Jan. 1, 2013, through Jan. 7, 2014, and shipped to distribution centers and retail establishments nationwide.

FSIS has received no reports of illness due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an illness should contact a health care provider.

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  • concernedmother

    I’m not liking all these recalls. Ppl who are in higher standards should be paying close attention to the establishment and its products. They should be more focus on paying attention to the products and what the employees do to the products. Then worrying bout everything else. Its the person who’s in charge responsibility

  • flameforjustice

    They might as well just call it a nationwide recall. In addition give it much more media attention on all media outlets, cable, satellite, television, radio, internet, print, social media like twitter/face book etc

  • Hannah

    I am happy for this, The cows had to suffer immensely to be on your plate. I hope those who support their death by eating them; did too.

    • motherall

      What a horrid thing to say. It’s the cycle of life. If you don’t want to be part of it, that’s your choice. But to wish humans dead is sick

      • animallove

        what other than this comment you expect

        from Hanna ? she is an idiot and the prove is in the comment …

    • carl

      Fuk u b!tch. hope u suffer too

    • comes with babby sitters

      It was either me or them Baby. To me the choice was obvious. God I love it when I am right.
      Little ole farm boy from Wisconsin. We do our own butchering to get away from all the muss & fuss from all the city slickers.

    • 66rock

      Don’t eat the sprouts! And shame on you for saying such an evil evil thing.

  • We’redoomed
  • Lene

    Know your farmer, know your food. This is why it is best to find a local farmer you can trust and buy direct. I know the hamburger I bought was from cattle that lived like cattle should and was processed in a safe manner.

    • disqus_tIafMAm3hl

      Thing is this WAS the processing plant used for our local grass fed cattle.They go on differant days than the non grass fed cattle…I am sure the grass fed stuff is ok,but the usda has taken ALL meat from Jan 13 to Jan 14 and recalled it all.Very sad

  • helgasweb

    Publix in Florida ?….??????

  • Texasbranguslady

    Just think what will happen when there is no more government regulations to control how products are processed or made…. good luck everyone!

  • I knew Texas had to have a boat load of this slop. remember, this was a class 1 recall, with health risk HIGH. …

    see list here ;

    Thursday, March 6, 2014

    TEXAS RECALL LIST MASSIVE FROM DEAD STOCK DOWNER CANCER COWS OFFAL from Class I Recall 002-2014 and 013-2014 Health Risk: High Jan 13, 2014 and Feb 8,
    2014 shipped to Texas, Florida, and Illinois UPDATE FEBRUARY 14, 2014


  • CapNLucy

    I hope my dogs kibble is safe!!! Bless her heart

  • OzarkNature

    this is yet another example of why folks should be eating a plant-based diet (vegetarian or vegan).

  • juliusaugustus

    Being vegetarian, vegan, eating grass fed, or eating organic doesn’t exempt you from things like this. Food safety issues exist regardless of lifestyle decisions.

  • Fly on the Wall

    What should bother you is that FSIS calls this a Class I recall with a high risk to public health yet bases the recall on product “lacking a full federal inspection,” not on a biological, chemical, or physical hazard to human health.

  • 66rock

    I’m very very suspicious that all of WalMart’s competition is on here but not them? Really????