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Rancho Feeding Corporation

Amaral Joins Others in Pleading Guilty in Rancho Feeding Case

Jesse “Babe” Amaral Jr., former co-owner of the Petaluma, CA, slaughterhouse previously known as Rancho Feeding Corporation, has joined three other defendants in pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute adulterated, misbranded, and uninspected meat. All four defendants will proceed to status hearings and sentencing later this year as there is now no need for any… Continue Reading

DOJ Food-Safety Enforcement Role to Continue in 2015

When producers of such staple foods as beef, eggs, and peanut butter found they were the targets of federal criminal prosecution, it became a top food-safety story of 2014. But is it likely that food-safety enforcement will continue to rely on these U.S. Department of Justice-led (DOJ) criminal cases in 2015? You can bet on… Continue Reading

Rancho Co-Owner Will Go To Trial Alone, Three Others Make Plea Deals

Jury selection will begin July 16, 2015, in the federal criminal conspiracy case involving former Rancho Feeding Corp. co-owner Jesse J. Amaral Jr. The 76-year-old cattle company executive will be tried alone as three others, implicated in the alleged conspiracy to sell for human consumption cattle known to have cancerous eyeballs, have all made deals… Continue Reading

Government Settles on Plea Deal With Rancho Yardman

Eugene D. Corda, 65, the top yardman responsible for receiving cattle and moving them for inspection and slaughter at Rancho Feeding Corporation’s slaughterhouse in Petaluma, CA, has very likely become a government witness. Under terms of a sealed plea agreement with government attorneys, Corda has now pleaded guilty to just a single count contained the… Continue Reading

Rancho Feeding Criminal Trial Being Pushed Into Next Year

A trial date for the federal criminal prosecution of the former co-owner of now-defunct Rancho Feeding Corporation and two former employees won’t be set until Dec. 17, according to U.S. District Court Judge Charles R. Breyer. Breyer delayed setting the trial date at a status hearing Wednesday in San Francisco that marked the first court… Continue Reading

Next Action in Rancho Feeding Corp. Criminal Case Delayed to Sept. 24

Except for finishing up the arraignment of the defendants, who are being freed on bail, the criminal case involving the former owners and employees of the Rancho Feeding Corporation won’t really get underway until Sept. 24. Federal Judge Charles R. Breyer continued the “initial appearances” in the case until that date, and, under agreement with… Continue Reading

Rancho Documents Reveal an Interconnected Chain of Conflict

(This article written by Christopher Peak was published May 8, 2014, in the Point Reyes Light. Peak also took the photos.) Newly disclosed documents about Rancho Feeding Corporation, the Petaluma slaughterhouse that closed down operations after a sweeping recall of 8.7 million pounds of beef, reveal a cozy relationship between the plant management and the… Continue Reading

USDA Gives a Little More Background on Rancho Recall

In an attempt to help consumers understand the situation surrounding Rancho Feeding Corporation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) has posted an update to the recall site. The page informs consumers that inspection personnel were on-site during normal operations, but due to the ongoing investigation by the USDA Office of the… Continue Reading