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Tainted Guinea Pig Meat Suspected Cause of Minneapolis Salmonella Outbreak

Salmonella was confirmed in a number of people hospitalized earlier this month after consuming a traditional Ecuadorean dish containing guinea pig at a Minneapolis street fair. However, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Wednesday that some of the 81 people sickened had not eaten the dish.

The report quoted a city spokesman saying that while the food vendor had a city permit, he sold unapproved food which had been improperly handled.

The outbreak occurred Aug. 11 at the Ecuadorean Independence Day celebration in Minneapolis. A number of people later ended up at two local hospitals with severe gastrointestinal symptoms after eating the tainted food.

The Minnesota Department of Health said that some of them tested positive for salmonella, and that everyone who fell ill was treated and released.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture took samples of several food products sold at the fair and is testing them to pinpoint the cause of the contamination, said Margaret Hart, a spokeswoman for the department.

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  • Emma

    So, let me get this straight: 81 of the people who got sick didn’t eat the dish. How many of those who got sick actually ate it? And how do you go into pinpointing the cause before testing your samples? Seriously, would it be too much to ask that you conclude an investigation before reporting ‘results’?

    • JAndrewsFSN

      Hi Emma,

      I think you’re misreading a little bit. A total of 81 people were sick and many of those ate the dish, but some did not. This might be explained by cross-contamination, where other food touched surfaces already touched by the contaminated meat.

  • guinea pig meat?
    And this is what century?

  • OMG whats up with guinea pig meat?? they are pets not for human consumption

    • Danielle Mammano

      Actually, they are only pets in certain countries. In countries the pigs are native to, they are hunted to food by local tribes because they are more plentiful than other animals.

      An animal isn’t free from being eaten just because it’s cute.

      • i was not referring to them being cute, but referring to them as being pets not food

  • colton

    i love guniea pig meat

  • Marjorie lynne

    Pets are given meds not for human consumption.