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Current Issues in Produce Safety: The Packinghouse



(This is Part 1A of a five-part series on produce safety by Roy E. Costa, R.S., M.S., a registered professional sanitarian and founder/owner of Environ Health Associates Inc.  The series introduction was posted here on Feb. 10, 2015.) The purpose of this series on produce safety is to explain the nature of the produce industry from… Continue Reading

Temperature Logs: A Misunderstood Liability



Log documentation involving temperature is a necessary tool in any food processing environment. Whether it is cold holding, hot holding, cooking, cooling, refrigeration, freezer or time controlled, temperature logs not only shed a light on whether an employee understands the process, but are also a strong indicator of potential liability. If left unchecked, no matter… Continue Reading

Can a Top-Level Federal Food Safety Assessment Really Be Accurate?



(This opinion piece by Dr. David Acheson was published here on Feb. 14, 2015, and is reposted with his permission.) Historically, FDA and FSIS have not been really cooperative when it comes to food safety: Each agency has a separate funding stream and is under separate departments, and, in a variety of ways, they are inherently… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: World Ag Expo



With no preparation time, I found myself dropped into the World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA, this past week. I was sent in to substitute for the publisher on a food safety panel, totally unaware it was being held at an event which is the world’s largest agricultural exposition. Like the 1 percent who defend… Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Chocolates: Any Heavy Metals in There?


(This article by Elizabeth Grossman was first published Feb. 11, 2015, by Civil Eats and is reposted here with permission.) We’ve begun to expect unusual flavors like chili, salt, and lavender in chocolate. But there might be another surprising addition to your Valentine’s Day sweets: heavy metals. According to the consumer health watchdog As You Sow, there’s… Continue Reading

Safe Food Matters: Focus on Listeria



We’ve all seen the news and the reports of food recalls and illnesses due to foodborne pathogens. This is scary news for everyone — scary for the business and for the consumer. On a daily basis, numerous precautions are taken to prevent such things. When it comes to food safety, employees in the deli, bakery,… Continue Reading

Turn Your Food Safety Program ‘Upside Down’



Take a moment to imagine this scenario: Cheryl works in the food service industry and always arrives on time to work. However, this morning she isn’t feeling well and is running behind. She arrives a few minutes after her shift is scheduled to begin, and her manager is tied up with paperwork. As a result, her cold symptoms pass by unnoticed, and… Continue Reading

Food Safety for Cancer Patients


World Cancer Day (Feb. 4) is the perfect time to talk about why food safety is so important for the nearly 15 million Americans who are cancer survivors and the 1.7 million people in the United States projected to be diagnosed with cancer this year. Treatment of cancer typically involves chemotherapy, radiation, and/or medications to help fight… Continue Reading

Introduction: Current Issues in Produce Safety



(This is the introduction to a five-part series on produce safety by Roy E. Costa, R.S., M.S., a registered professional sanitarian and founder/owner of Environ Health Associates Inc. )  Many nutritional experts consider fresh fruits and vegetables to be a vital part of a healthy diet, and the American public shares this perception. As a result, there has… Continue Reading

Update: Letter From the Editor: Weekend System Work Rescheduled


UPDATE: We learned on Monday morning that system maintenance work impacting Food Safety News has been postponed to Feb. 19-22. This means we will be publishing as normal this coming President’s Day weekend. The article below has been edited to include the rescheduled dates. Food Safety News takes its place in cyberspace through the services… Continue Reading