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O. Peter Snyder, Jr., Ph. D.

O. Peter Snyder, Jr., Ph. D.

Dr. Snyder received his undergraduate degree in Hotel Restaurant Management from the University of Denver, his M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts in Food Science and Technology. His first career was as a food R&D officer in the Army, where he developed radiation-sterilized food and Army field feeding systems. His second career was at the University of Minnesota Department of Food Science, where he educated the foodservice industry in Applied Food Science. He is now in his third career. He owns his own company and is working nationally to help people integrate the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Quality Assurance into Total Quality Management systems for optimum safety, quality, and productivity in retail food operations.

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Implementing a Hand Washing Plan

Hand washing is a significant food safety risk.  If not done properly, many people can be exposed to bacterial, viral, and parasitic pathogens that can cause illness.  Of the estimated 76 million foodborne illnesses annually, an estimated 70 percent are caused by improper hand and fingertip washing.  The following presentation will discuss the food and… Continue Reading