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Washington Dairy Recalls Raw Milk and Cream After Positive Listeria Test

A raw milk dairy in Washington state has voluntarily recalled some of its raw milk and cream products after a recent routine test found Listeria monocytogenes bacteria in a sample of raw cream.

dairy-cows-lineup-350Spanish Sonrise Dairy in Yacolt, WA, has recalled all of its raw cow’s milk and goat’s milk and cream with expiration dates between April 16-21, 2015, according to The Columbian newspaper in Vancouver, WA.

Products with those expiration dates should be thrown away, and anyone with questions about the recall can call the dairy at (360) 931-7283, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PDT.

The recalled products were sold at Amboy Market, Sonrise Market in Dollars Corner, New Seasons Market in Vancouver, and Camas Produce and Arnada Naturals in Vancouver. The milk is sold in gallon and half-gallon plastic containers, and the cream is sold in pint and quart plastic containers.

The recall was announced as a precaution, and no milk samples tested positive for Listeria, according to news reports.

The dairy’s owners, Jose and Tina Rodriguez, said they pulled all their cow’s milk and cream from store shelves on Friday and retrieved the goat’s milk from stores on Monday.

Tina Rodriguez said this was the first positive test result for the dairy, which the couple opened in 2011. Because of the incident, they have reportedly decided to close the dairy.

Listeria infection is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems.

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  • Russell La Claire

    Glad to see this family stop selling raw milk. However, others will probably not learn from the event.

    • Suzanne

      You dont know these people or how devasting this has been to them. They go out of their way to produce a safe alternative to the crap sold in the mainstream stores that is so chemically altered it barely qualifies as a food product. Live the life of a farmer and see how YOU do….you wouldn’t last a day.

      • Russell La Claire

        Nonsense. If they had been doing everything they could they would have pasteurized the milk. That crap sold in the store is safe to drink, unlike the crap these people were selling.

        • Daniel

          This family has worked their ass of for many years and haven’t had a problem up until now check all your proceeded crap and see how many recalls and products have been pulled from chicken eggs up to pasteurized milk!

          • Gary

            Daniel, please show us the recalls related to pasteurized milk and compare them against the recalls related to raw milk? My guess is that raw milk is winning that count hands down.

            By the way, your “crap” statement is completely subjective with no science behind it. There has been no studies showing evidence of raw milk being more nutritious than pasteurized. As for that crap, I would still choose the pasteurized “crap” over the raw milk any day even if the latter was more nutritious. I somehow value my life, don’t you?

            You must be a Dr. Oz viewer, am I right?