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Plum Organics Recalls Kids’ Food Products for Possible Spoilage

Plum Organics is voluntarily recalling pouch products within its Baby Stage 2, Tots Mish Mash and Kids lines after discovering a manufacturing defect that may cause spoilage.

Recalled products can be identified by the “Best By” dates ranging from 08/05/14 to 12/08/14 and the letters “AT.” You can find a full list of recalled products here.

The potential spoilage may cause some pouches to swell.

Parents should not feed any of these products to their children, and consumers who have purchased affected products should contact the Plum Organics Consumer Hotline at 866-495-3774 or send an email to info@plumorganics.com to request a product replacement voucher.

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  • Jaclyn Ann

    What is we already fed it to our kids?

    • regan

      I’m having the same question.. we just finished a handful of pouches last week… no guarantee that they were the recalled ones, but I’m wondering if it could be harmful. I always taste the food before giving it to the kiddos, and it didn’t taste spoiled…

  • Erin

    You’re supposed to trust in a company that voluntarily recalled a product based on their findings of a defect that MAY cause spoilage. That sounds pretty responsible to me, and I’m thankful for their proactive measures.

    • Steph

      Totally agree with you Erin! Sometimes bad things happen, voluntarily recalling was the right thing to do. How many other companies do you think wouldn’t have done the right thing??

    • pedro

      Wow, sounds like company PR comments. I have seen a lot of these regarding this recall.

      • Luke

        So. . . if an accident happens and a product gets screwed up, what do you think the company should do? I can’t understand this zero-tolerance attitude. Who can do everything flawlessly 100% of the time?

      • Sounds like common sense to me.

  • medialies

    Well, at least this wasn’t yet another deliberate contamination of our food supply….. I wonder what they will poison next?

    • So I assume you only eat food grown in your own back yard? Because otherwise, how can you be sure big pharma isn’t poisoning you?? Get a grip.

  • Michelle r

    What happens if my child ate some of those?? Is there a reaction?? If so what is the reaction??

  • skrebbs

    Does anyone know what we are supposed to do if our baby has consumed these products? I do know she has had quite a bit of two kinds.??????

  • djd

    some one just found maggots in earths best squash product today. be careful.

  • Mimi

    I came across a pack today, before I knew about the recall. The pack is deflated feeling and when I squeezed some out it smelled like puke. It’ll be easy to tell if you have a recalled pack.

  • renee

    I am in the same posiiton, my mom fed it to my daughter on Sunday, I called the company she said call the dr and she should have symptoms already, I said what are the symptoms, she said loose bowels and nasuea, I said she is one i dont know if she feels sick. but has had odd bowel movements since, she said she would send me vouchers for new food, i dont wnt new food i dont want my daughter having a parasite, (watch the video of a woman who found bugs in the food, thats what started the recall)

    • Kim W

      Different brand. The brand with the supposed bug larvae in it was Earth’s Best NOT Plum Organics. Plum Organics is a potential defect in the manufacturing processes that may cause spoilage – and the packages to swell.

  • June Lanoue

    it’s very apparent when you have a spoiled version. I mailed in a box of “spoiled” packages back in Sept and called their hotline. It was also filled with alittle more “air” so it was apparent that the package was bad. it also smelled bad and I knew something was wrong. I am alittle surprised it took over a month to initiate the recall.