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Chobani Recalls Yogurt Cups Affected by Mold

Chobani is recalling a portion of its Greek-style yogurt cups affected by a common mold.

For more than a week, Chobani customers have complained of bloated cups and foul-smelling or off-tasting yogurt, which Chobani blamed on “isolated quality concerns.”

Although the company originally began a voluntary withdrawal of the affected products, some claims of illness prompted Chobani to switch to a voluntary recall.

The affected products bear the code “16-012″ on their foil covers and have expiration dates between Sept. 11, 2013, and Oct. 7, 2013. Chobani says consumers who have purchased the product should discard it and contact their Customer Loyalty Team for a replacement or refund.

According to Chobani, the product in question comprises less than five percent of the company’s production and is limited to cups produced at their Idaho facility, which accounts for one-third of the company’s production capacity, and that over 95 percent of the products in question have already been identified and removed from retailer shelves.

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  • Buff Stud

    No biggie. Love the product.

  • Chuxter

    Ate one of these last week before the notice. Thought the bloaty cup was odd but smelled and tasted fine. Didn’t get sick. Didn’t die. Didn’t get superpowers or start digging random tunnels through the neighborhood. Didn’t sell all my guns or start watching Fox News religiously. Didn’t start taking media panic seriously. Ate another one this morning.

  • SoCal Sandy

    My son had a bloated yogurt tube – produced by Chobani

  • Joanne L Castro

    I also eat one tht I thought was a bit strange, but did not smell bad, so I ate it. Has another today, but no side affects so far. Scary !