The Food Safety Summit 2013 Keynote Speaker Will Daniels will also moderate a series of sessions focusing on educating attendees on produce safety with a two part session on Listeria and an introductory course on the journey of an agriculture product.


The Future of Food Safety: When Industry, Academia and Regulators Work Together

This keynote will address the need to have better collaboration between industry and government with emphasis on breaking old models and creating new ones that focus on transparency, understanding and a desire to truly protect public health.


Go Onto the Farm: Review the Journey of an Agriculture Product through Distribution

In this session, the attendees will learn from industry experts about how specific crops are grown and handled before they hit the marketplace. Three unique crops: spinach, carrots and cantaloupe, will be discussed in detail as to how the produce is cultivated, harvested and handled to ensure the best quality and safest supply.

Listeria: A Practical Look Into the Produce Supply Chain Continuum (Part 1)

Listeria has blanketed the news relating to fresh produce and its presence. This will be a two part series discussion. The first session will take you from grower/shipper to distributor and finally the retailer; covering their specific areas, the influence they have on controlling the hazard and practical steps the attendees can take back to their own facility to mitigate listeria risk.

Listeria: Federal Challenges and a Deeper Dive into Mitigating Strategies (Part 2)

In the second session of the two part series, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from the federal government about the current regulation and how they conflict with other countries, how companies deal with that issue and an in depth discussion on zone sampling strategies.


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