Ron DeSantis is back to doing what Governors do as he left the Presidential campaign trail.  And Gov. DeSantis has just made it clear that he looks warmly on two bills in the Florida Legislature that ban the cultivation and sale of lab-grown meat products.

House Bill (HB) 435 and Senate Bill (SB) 586 would suspend any Florida establishment’s restaurant or retail license in the lab-grown meat trade.

“I know the Legislature is doing a bill to protect our meat, DeSantis said in a public statement last week.  “You need meat, OK?  We are going to have meat in Florida.  We are not going to do that fake meat.   Like that doesn’t work.”

HB-435 and SB-586 are opposed by the lab-meat industry, which is funded by venture capitalists seeking to take over an entire Agriculture sector.

They already gained approvals from the  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) for selling cultivated meat from Good Meat Inc. and Upside Foods.

However, reviews by the FDA and FSIS may not have been as complete as the European Food Safety Authority’s application for a novel food review, which the cultivated meat and poultry companies have so far avoided.

DeSantis sees “fake meat” as part of the hedge-fund-led “ESG” campaign to dictate the “environmental, social, and governance “of corporations.  He says ESG is a scheme to impose an agenda on society by the economy.

“They want to go after agriculture…They want to blame agriculture for global warming,” the Florida governor says.

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