The California Department of Public Health has published a list of retailers who purchased raw milk that was recalled last week for potential Campylobacter contamination. CDPH named 149 retailers across California who received Organic Pastures’ raw milk, raw skim milk and raw cream, which were recalled Thursday after routine testing by the department revealed the presence of Campylobacter in the farm’s products. A full list of the retailers who received the recalled products is available here. Mark McAfee, co-owner of Organic Pastures, called CDPH’s measures to remove the raw milks from the shelves as “not much of a recall” since most of it is no longer on store shelves. “There’s no milk on the shelves to recall,” McAfee told Food Safety News last week. However, the retail list names more retailers than the handful in the L.A. area that McAfee said had received the recalled products. For more information about this recall and past outbreaks and recalls linked to Organic Pastures, see Organic Pastures Faces Another Recall, Quarantine.

  • McAfee gives the impression that he doesn’t care if people get sick. If they do, it’s all in a ‘good cause’.
    This cult-like attitude about raw milk is dangerous.

  • Until the late 80ies raw milk was not considered a food for direct consumption in Restaurants in Switzerland. Only pasteurized milk was allowed to be sold.
    There was a selected small numer of milk farms who were monitored very closely by the authorities and were authorised to sell raw milk; their stable looked like a clinic, the milk was practically germ-free and the milk price was (luckily) prohibitive!
    How many people have to die until reason prevails again?!

  • Minkpuppy

    There is no reason with this guy. He’s not even being upfront with CDPH about the number of retailers he sold his milk to. What else is he hiding?
    But oh no, to his followers, he’s being unfairly persecuted.
    There’s obviously some sort of sanitation issue going in his milking parlor that’s leading to the repetitive findings of Campylobacter but he’s in complete denial. As long as he continues to have customers that believe raw milk is the wonder food, we’ll keep hearing about him and his recalls.