Chef-turned-reality TV star Jamie Oliver is taking some heat from health inspectors in the United Kingdom after several of his customers and staff fell ill with food poisoning.

Inspectors cited some of Oliver’s chain Italian restaurants for serving undercooked burgers and expired meat, as well the use of dirty equipment, according to The Daily Mail.

Health officials cited Jamie’s Italian in Guildford, Surrey, for its policy on preparing meat that potentially ‘exposed customers’ to E.coli.

“Your current cooking practice may not be adequate to effectively destroy harmful bacteria that may be found within the raw mince meat,” read the report, according to the paper. Inspectors reportedly threatened managers with legal action unless they stopped serving undercooked burgers.

Oliver has become famous in the U.S. for his reality TV show on ABC, “Food Revolution,” which focuses on reforming unhealthy school lunches and teaching Americans how to cook as a means of combating obesity.  The show is in its last season — currently featuring Los Angeles — due to poor ratings.

Food safety guru Doug Powell of Kansas State University responded to the news Monday by suggesting Oliver improve his food safety practices.

“Jamie Oliver … may be trying to rid Los Angeles of chocolate milk, but health inspectors want him to pay more attention to crap in his U.K. restaurants,” wrote Powell.

“Thermometers would be a useful kitchen addition. Oliver doesn’t talk about thermometers on TV,” he added.

  • Tammy Laird

    What a joke this is the man that blames over weight children on the school system at least we serve them food that is check by a thermometer and is cooked to a complete and safe and healthy meal maybe Jamie needs to go back to school and observe how the cafeteria workers do it apparently he missed the class on themometers taking.

  • Rico

    Thermometers taking?! Read the Daily Mail article before you try to bury the guy trying to make your fat kids skinny, Tammy.
    Hardly an ubiased article.

  • Rae

    Ugh. I run screaming from undercooked hamburgers, but Doug Powell is the Dr. Phil of the Food Safety crowd. His un-PC comments get attention, but there’s nothing behind them. He’s in Monsanto’s pocket, so I’m sure he’d jump at the chance to criticize Jamie Oliver.

  • Les

    Food Service Professional, here.
    Oliver’s hype and hip-hop have brought attention to a real problem here in the states, but one doesn’t solve problems with hype and hoopla, one solves them with hard work – lots of it – and education. Oh, the education begins at home. I had a lot of problems with the first season…watch the bit on chicken nuggets made from ground fat, and ground bones ( Which Oliver admits out of the side of his mouth, quietly, that it’s illegal to make nuggets in the US this way…oh? then why offer them something they can’t get here? Bias? Yep, there’s plenty of bias under the hoopla. So, after whispering that this is not what the children are fed anywhere in this country…he offers the kids a choice between both real-meat nuggets he’s made, and the crap he’s zipped up in a food processor.) O, the look on his face when the American kids chose the ground bone and fat…..he was shocked, but then he DOESN’T KNOW American kids and that they’re going to gross him out on camera because it’s funny and they can…unfortunately, it was really funny. I stopped taking him seriously at this point, again unfortunately because he could have done a lot of good, but he chose tinsel and flash instead of learning his audience.
    If children are taught what to eat at home…yes, some of us are tired from working multiple jobs, yes, some of us are too strapped to afford expensive organic foods or have no access to farm fresh because we live in cities, and yes, some of us are just lazy…if you teach your children what and when and how much to eat, then you’ll KNOW what they’re made of because they will choose the right foods from familiarity. Kids are creatures of habit – I know, I feed your kids five days a week.
    Look up ” The correlations between poverty and obesity” and remember that we’ll all being paying these healthcare costs..we’re paying them now and we’ll pay much, much more in the future. Looked at your insurance deductable lately?
    Solutions, not flash, Mr. Oliver and make sure your own house is in order ( and not killing children, the elderly and those who just want it pink in the middle,) before you come over here and try to make money and get more famous. Oh, and do your reasearch. Everyone else, watch the chicken nuggets segment…I dare you.
    ( I can’t find spellcheck, excuse any mis-spellings.)

  • Denise

    When people like Jamie go up against the greedy fat cats of this world he will be crucified by those very same people that do not want him ‘eating’ into their profits. I wholeheartedly support Mr Oliver in what he is doing and hope millions of people around the world have the same passion to stand up for something they believe in, or they can sit back read trashy news and put their head in the TV and believe everything they are told….tick tock, time is running out for you fat cats..humans are waking from a horrid dream and we won’t take prisoners.

  • Matthew Field

    Let me tell you something. I use to work for Jamie’s Italian (not in Guildford) and the procedure for cooking burger is: it goes on the grill, and it is cooked under a Cast-Iron Brick until it is cooked. It is the covered with lemon juice and olive oil until caramelized, then it is probed until the temperature is 80°C. Every single burger is probed before is is served to the customers. Health and safety is taken VERY seriously at Jamie’s Italian.