Monsanto has dropped its push for approval from European regulators on two types of “second generation” genetically modified seeds.

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The company informed the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that it was withdrawing its approval request for GM maize LY038 and  the stacked variety LYo38 x MON810, both of which were designed for the express purpose of accelerating the growth rate of animals.

Some scientists believe that the company’s decision to pull the plug on the approval process was fueled by food safety concerns, rather than the economic constraints cited by the company in its formal withdrawal request.

According to European organic media Green Planet, Monsanto’s subsidiary, Renessen, sent EFSA two letters to confirm the withdrawal. Each letters cites economic demands–saying that the “decreased commercial value worldwide” and the state of the highlysene varieties “will no longer be a part of the Renessen business strategy in the future.”

The paper also noted that Renessen requested that regulators return all the materials relating to the approval process, including experimental protocols and test results, so that no future research can be done on the project.

  • We withdrew the application because our business plans changed and we no longer intend to commercialize the high-lysine product. I’m surprised you would run a headline that states we withdrew based on safety concerns without any fact behind it. “Some scientists believe…” is speculative, not substantiation.
    We took similar steps to stop the regulatory approval process on this product in several other countries where authorizations were pending because of the change in business strategy.
    The safety of the product has been established as it was fully approved in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia/New Zealand, China, Philippines and Taiwan.
    Monsanto Company

  • I’m so happy to see Mica and hopefully everyone that visits this site is digging for the truth through the double-speak. There’s a huge difference between “Food Safety” and “Food Security” and I think the people of the world (especially the USA) are about to realize this difference the hard way. If the people (not just the small farmers and artisan growers) don’t stand and defend agriculture against globalization, they will be enslaved for their apathy.
    Local food security is the best security. You see, CODEX (the UN’s global food code) falls under the purview of the World Trade Organization….subject to trade laws not food laws. So now that our food security is a function of “commerce”, the US government can conduct themselves in secret and rule through executive orders and treaties.
    Now that it looks like Mosanto’s Michael Taylor will be running the show as Obama’s Food Fascism Czar, you’ll surely see what’s now called “normalizing” of global government with that of our national and state laws. In other words the globalists within the US government will sell-out our sovereignty and YOUR food security for world government and appeasement of big corporate ambitions such as Monsanto’s (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days). Incrementalism….boiling the frog slowly.
    Check this out if you don’t think CODEX is bad news.
    Following a groundswell of pressure from individual citizens and our nations farmers, the US congress passed DSHEA in 1994 that declared “nutrients” to be synonymous with food. There were no upper limits and people could enjoy the liberty of taking as much as they preferred. This is an example of Natural Law whereby if it’s not prohibited, it’s allowed.
    Now let’s look at how CODEX views “nutrients.”
    Also in 1994, CODEX re-defined nutrients as “toxins” to be closely controlled. Nutrients are now considered hazardous substances with LIMITS. This is an example of Napoleonic Law whereby if it’s now allowed, it PROHIBITED.
    Let’s use that bottle of Vitamin D you’re hoping to buy the next time you go shopping as our example. Hazardous substances are regulated by evaluating what’s called the LD50. Test subjects are given more and more of a substance until a “perceived” effect is noted. That number is then divided by 100 to create a safety margin.
    So what does it all mean? Once the UN and their congressional operatives “harmonize” CODEX with American law, 1000IU of vitamin D will be reduced to 100IU and it will be illegal for you to own anything greater. You will no longer be able to maintain your health. Monsanto GMO’s are largely nutrient deficient and vitamin supplements have been regulated out of reach and below functional levels.
    But never fear sheeple! Big pharma stands ready and eager to medicate the inherent “symptoms” sure to plague nations of the world. So if you get depressed, they got something for that. And if that causes your blood pressure to go up, they’ve got something for that. And if that causes your cholesterol to go up, they’ve got something for that. And then when your willy WON’T go up, well, they’ve got something for that too.
    Mica could be 100% correct in her statement, as misleading as it is. It’s entirely possible that Monsanto knows it’s products are dangerous, changed their business plan to reflect “damage control” over the situation and fed the story to the media presstitutes to sell to the public.
    My advice is to 1) buy heirloom seeds and grow your own food; 2) BOYCOTT MONSANTO; and 3) replace the globalists within the US government.