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Listeria control workshop opens 2017 Food Safety Summit

CHICAGO — There is a war on against deadly Listeria, and the facts on the ground are changing in some dramatic ways. Ten generals in that war took to the stage here Tuesday at 2017 Food Safety Summit for reports on what they called “The Latest in Listeria Control.” Few Americans paid much attention to Listeria until… Continue Reading

U.N. officials say food safety is entwined with food security

Ajay Markanday

Few threats addressed by the United Nations are as undiscriminating as foodborne pathogens, which don’t honor international borders or differentiate between first- and third-world status. Similarly few threats addressed by the international body are as easy to mitigate as food safety, at least in theory. “Food safety is not really complicated or expensive,” said Ajay… Continue Reading

Salmonella on Chicken: Is Zero Tolerance Feasible?

At the end of 2013, Consumer Reports made national headlines by reporting that 97 percent of retail chicken breasts were contaminated with some form of gut bacteria. Granted, not all of those bacteria are likely to make consumers sick, but the report did find potentially harmful Salmonella on 11 percent of the samples. The story… Continue Reading