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Yersinia enterocolitica

Yearly Economic Burden of Foodborne Illness Estimated at $15.5 Billion

The latest estimates from the Department of Agriculture suggest that foodborne illnesses cost the U.S. $15.5 billion each year. “Economic burden of a disease is not the same thing as the impact of a disease on economic indicators like gross domestic product or even the out-of-pocket cost of treating illness,” states USDA’s Economic Research Service report released… Continue Reading

Should Consumers Be Concerned About Yersinia?

When Consumer Reports released the results of a study last week that found most pork was contaminated with Yersinia enterocolitica, the media and bloggers were abuzz with headlines like: “Almost 70 Percent of Pork In Stores Unsafe” (Forbes), “Widespread bacteria and drugs found in US pork samples” (Fox News), and “Consumer Reports analysis of US… Continue Reading

Consumer Reports Finds Most Pork Contaminated With Yersinia

In a new study of raw pork chops and ground pork, Consumer Reports found 69 percent of samples were contaminated with Yersinia enterocolitica, according to a report published by the group today. A lesser-known foodborne pathogen, Yersinia enterocolitica can cause fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea, lasting one to three weeks, according to the Centers for… Continue Reading

Yersinia Turns Up Again at Pennsylvania Dairy

The Pennsylvania state departments of Agriculture and Health are advising consumers and retailers who purchased milk from Brunton Dairy in Aliquippa, Beaver County, to immediately discard all milk with a sell-by date of Oct. 25 or later.    As part of ongoing oversight testing of the dairy, the Department of Agriculture confirmed a positive test… Continue Reading

Pasteurized Milk Linked to Yersinia Outbreak

Five people have been sickened with Yersinia enterocolitica after drinking pasteurized milk in glass bottles from the same dairy, according to the Pennsylvania departments of Health and Agriculture and the Allegheny County Health Department. In a news release, the public health officials said that from June 15 through July 17, three children and two adults in Beaver… Continue Reading