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Food bank recalls another 32 tons of food for pathogen risks

Days after recalling 11 tons of donated chia seeds because of rodent droppings, the Oregon Food Bank recalled almost 32 tons of pumpkin seeds and half a ton of nutritional yeast. The reason for the yeast recall was not included in the recall notice posted by the food bank. The 63,825 pounds of pumpkin seeds… Continue Reading

NSF Lists 5 “Germiest” Items in the Kitchen

Refrigerator's meat and vegetable compartments top the list

When people think of where germs lurk in the kitchen, the blender and can opener are not likely to be the first two places that come to mind. But these two cooking tools, along with the meat and vegetable trays in the refrigerator and rubber spatulas, top the list of the “germiest” items in the… Continue Reading

“Secret” Yeast Additive Gets GRAS Approval

Acrylamide-preventing yeast strains might not sound like something worth celebrating, but do not tell that to the folks at Functional Technologies Corp. Acrylamide is a known lethal neurotoxin that sometimes occurs in cooked starchy foods, which causes some concerns about carcinogenicity of those foods. The Canadian firm’s recent experience shows how an important public safety… Continue Reading