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West Virginia

Hepatitis A cases nearing 100 in WV; 3 out of 4 hospitalized

West Virginia has had 98 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A so far this year, with some of them caused by the same strain of the liver virus that has sickened people across the country. “That’s an increase in cases for West Virginia,” Beckley-Raleigh County Health Department Administrator Candance Hurd told the Register-Herald newspaper. “Some of… Continue Reading

CDC reports 119 people from 8 states have Hepatitis A linked to smoothies

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated this outbreak on Friday afternoon to a total of 119 cases of Hepatitis A from eight states. Forty-seven of these individuals have been hospitalized, but no related deaths are being reported. As of Sept. 14, CDC gives the state-by-state breakdown of the 119 total cases… Continue Reading

Beach Beat: Cheers to West Virginia’s Bureau of Public Health


There’s good news out of West Virginia in the wake of a state delegate’s illegal distribution of raw milk in the halls of the Mountain State’s Capitol. As I mentioned in this space in late March, I was disgusted by both Delegate Scott Cadle’s public flouting of state law and the failure of West Virginia… Continue Reading

Capitol crud or unpasteurized pathogens, a gut-wrenching tale


What’s more ironic than a raw milk fan sharing unpasteurized milk with fellow legislators in celebration of a new herd-share law and having the toasts coincidentally followed by an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness? One of the reporters who broke the story is named Gutman. And I thought Coral Beach was a great byline. The gut-wrenching… Continue Reading

Animal ownership agreements offer a route to raw milk in WV

A law permitting shared animal ownership agreements as the legal vessel for consuming raw milk has been singed into law in West Virginia by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin. Last year, the Democratic governor vetoed a similar bill, saying it would pose a serious health risk to public health because unpasteurized milk, aka raw milk, contains bacteria… Continue Reading

West Virginia Governor Vetoes Raw Milk Herdshare Bill

Supporters plan to try again next session

Bucking the headwinds of an 81-19 vote in the West Virginia House of Delegates (18-16 in the Senate) for legislation that would have allowed dairy farmers to provide raw milk through herdshare arrangements, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed the bill on Thursday. Raw milk is milk that hasn’t been pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria that might… Continue Reading

West Virginia Passes Raw Milk Herd-Share Bill

State lawmakers in West Virginia have passed a bill allowing people to buy and sell raw milk through herd-share programs, according to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. Raw milk was previously not allowed for sale in the state. Herd-share programs allow those who wish to drink raw milk to buy a membership in a club that grants… Continue Reading

‘Herd Sharing’ Might Become Option for Raw Milk Buyers in West Virginia

The last six West Virginians who became sick from drinking raw milk did it the old-fashioned way — they bought their unpasteurized beverages in Pennsylvania where it’s legal. Now the West Virginia House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resource has approved House Bill 4273 to bring the chance to buy raw milk closer to home… Continue Reading