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Weld County

Salmonella outbreak in Colorado growing; 2 restaurants closed

County officials say no fines planned for restaurants because lost sales are punishment enough

A Colorado burrito restaurant, forced to close after catering two community college events where some attendees were sickened with Salmonella poisoning, did poorly in health inspections during the past three years. As of Thursday there were 10 people confirmed with Salmonella infections linked to the restaurant, according to the Weld County Department of Public Health… Continue Reading

Dollar deal for avoiding food safety compliance gets attention

The just-convened Colorado Assembly may be asked to close a loophole in state restaurant regulations during its 120-day session. In late December the owners of Eden Pho, a restaurant in Weld County, were told they needed to fix problems identified during inspections by local inspectors or the county commission would close down the business. But the… Continue Reading

Colorado may trade restaurant grades for higher inspection fees

When inspection fees are not increased on a regular basis to keep up with increasing costs, restaurants often don’t get inspected as well or as often. Colorado is one state trying to catch up, but support from the industry is not coming without a price. A 14-page bill sent to the House Business and Labor… Continue Reading

Boston to Experiment With Letter Grades for Restaurants

Boston will soon start assigning letter grades to all restaurants based on their health inspections, The Boston Globe reports. The A, B or C grades will initially only be posted online and may later be displayed in restaurant windows. The system is expected to be put in place early next year. “We want to make… Continue Reading

CO Restaurants: Posting Inspection Letter Grades Amounts to Punishment

Restaurant owners and managers in the only Colorado county using letter grades to report food safety inspections to the public say that the new scoring is more punitive than informative. On Wednesday, they met with the Weld County Commission in Greeley, CO, to argue that restaurant food safety is just too complicated for the public… Continue Reading

Restaurant Inspections With Letter Grades Debut in Colorado

The letter grade system for reporting restaurant inspection results most associated with New York City has reached Colorado. Michael Bloomberg, the three-term liberal billionaire mayor, first imposed an A-to-F posted grading system on Big Apple restaurants in 2010. Before Bloomberg left office at the end of 2013, his letter grade system was being heralded as… Continue Reading

Prosecutor Dismisses Charge of Animal Cruelty Against Undercover Investigator

The Humane Society of the United States recently ranked Colorado’s animal-protection laws among the top 10 for overall effectiveness. But, this past Friday, the Weld County Prosecutor’s Office determined that timing provisions in those laws are not enough to justify charging an undercover animal-rights investigator with animal cruelty. Prosecutors dismissed the charge against Taylor Radig,… Continue Reading