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Weatherill Report

Rules for Safe Food for Canadians Act reach final review phase

Canada is running a couple of years behind the U.S. when it comes to overhauling its basic food safety law, but very shortly it will catch up. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has opened a three-month public comment period on new food safety rules to implement Canadian law. Referred to as a “consultation period” under Canadian… Continue Reading

Canada Says Weatherill’s 57 Food Safety Reforms Now in Place

Canada’s federal government Monday said it has now addressed all 57 food-safety recommendations made by independent investigator Sheila Weatherill after the country’s deadly 2008 listeriosis outbreak. The Conservative government also said it would be introducing a new food safety bill shortly to simplify and modernize Canadian law on the subject. In its final report in… Continue Reading

Extra $100 Million for Canada’s Food Inspection

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is getting an extra $100 million to improve food inspection capacity over the next five years.   But the union president representing CFIA employees says the agency’s 2011-12 budget is also being cut by $30 million. The $100 million initiative will enable Canada’s federal government to implement all the remaining… Continue Reading

Canada Adopts Another Food Safety Recommendation

A 7-member Ministerial Advisory Board (MAB) of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has been named by Gerry Ritz, Canada’s Agricultural Minister. Ritz said the appointments are “another step to strengthen Canada’s food safety system” and include a diverse range of experts from the food, animal, and plant health sectors. They will advise the Ag… Continue Reading

Canada Rolls Out New Listeria Policy for RTE Food

The first new policy on Listeria monocytogenes in Ready-to-Eat Foods since 2004 will take effect in Canada next April 1. It represents another in the Government of Canada’s responses to the Weatherill Report, the independent inquiry into the 2008 Listeria outbreak that killed 23 mostly elderly Canadians out a total of 57 cases. According to… Continue Reading

Slow Movement on Food Safety in Canada

A college professor, a consumer group, and the union representing meat inspectors all dumped on Canada’s food safety agency this week with the barbs obviously intended for Ottawa’s Conservative Government. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is implementing 57 specific reform measures called for by the independent Weatherill report that the government commissioned in response… Continue Reading