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University of Maryland

Study directly links increase in vibrio cases to global warming trend

A recent study may be the first one to link a warming trend in sea surface temperatures to the spread of vibrios and the human diseases which can be caused by pathogenic strains. “In this study, for the first time to our knowledge, experimental evidence is provided on the link between multidecadal climatic variability in the… Continue Reading

New Database of Food Safety Inspections Includes About Half of All U.S. Counties

If you’ve ever tried to find a recent inspection report for a particular restaurant, you’ll know that the ease of accessing and understanding that information can depend on what city or county you live in. University of Maryland Economics Professor Ginger Jin and UCLA Associate Professor of Business Management Philip Leslie have been doing research… Continue Reading

USDA Awards Food Safety Research Grants

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) announced the recipients of its latest round of food safety research grants. The nearly $19 million awarded to 36 institutions through the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, which is authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill, will help in understanding antimicrobial… Continue Reading

Study: Peanuts May Help to Ward Off Some Foodborne Illnesses

Eating the skinless inner kernels of peanuts may improve a person’s gut biota and its ability to ward off E. coli and Salmonella, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Maryland published in the Journal of Food Science. The findings suggest that skinless peanuts could be a beneficial promoter of gut bacteria that will outcompete… Continue Reading

Research Project to Determine How to Make Salad Safe

Saying it will be one of the most comprehensive studies of fresh produce ever conducted, the University of Maryland Center for Food Safety and Security Systems on Thursday announced an ambitious, $9 million research project to provide scientific guidance on the safest ways to grow, pack, transport and store salad fixings. “Ever since 2006, when… Continue Reading

New Lab Trains Foreign Food Testers

The University of Maryland is offering a new strategy for improving the safety of imported foods: train the foreign experts who test these goods in the U.S.’s standards and protocol. This week the school launched  the first in a series of courses designed to teach methods of microbiological and analytical testing recommended by the U.S…. Continue Reading

New Center to Focus on International Food Safety

A new public-private initiative aims to advance the U.S. strategy of defending against contaminated food imports at the source rather than at the border. In an effort to increase the foreign scientific capacity needed to uncover contamination prior to commodities shipping, the University of Maryland and the Waters Corporation plan to build and operate the… Continue Reading

Law Students Take On Family Farm

Alan and Kristin Hudson, fourth generation Maryland chicken farmers, want to know why tax-supported law students should be allowed to represent environmental groups while they must hire their own attorney. The Waterkeeper Alliance and the Assateague Coastkeeper are suing Hudson’s chicken farm for allegedly polluting a ditch that drains into the Pocomoke River. Students at… Continue Reading