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United Kingdom

UK Pig Inspection Rule Changes Open For Public Comment


In June of this year, the European Union will introduce new rules for pig meat inspections designed to minimize the risk of bacterial contamination on pork. The United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency announced last week that it is requesting comments on the practical application of changes required by the rules. These comments are being solicited… Continue Reading

U.K. Going After Poultry Problem With Changes in Technology and Culture


Campylobacter is the pathogen making most people sick in the United Kingdom and, earlier this week, the U.K.’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) formally agreed to target the problem at its principal source: poultry production. FSA has decided to require reporting of campylobacter levels all along the supply chain, dropping regulatory barriers to the adoption of… Continue Reading

Meat from TB-Positive Cows Sold as Food in UK


Beef from cows that have tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is sold for human consumption in the United Kindgom, The Sunday Times reported this weekend. While major meat retailers such as Tesco reject product from cows with bTB, the federal  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) sells the beef to some caterers… Continue Reading

USDA Doing More “Species Testing” on Imported Beef


The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food safety unit is going to do more “species testing” on imported beef products from Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, but it will be doing more screenings than detailed DNA analyses, it says. In addition, USDA will be conducting species testing on more imported ground beef… Continue Reading

UK Stepping Up Hunt for Horse and Pig DNA in Beef


Polish horsemeat mislabeled as beef is the likely source of the equine DNA found in Irish beef products, but the Food Safety Agency in the United Kingdom is still going ahead with tests on more meat samples collected from retail outlets throughout the UK, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Environmental officers for local health… Continue Reading

Raw Milk Vending Stint at Selfridges Could Bring Prosecution


Selfridges, London’s high-end department store, and the Hook & Sons organic farm in East Sussex may both face prosecution by the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency (FSA), the Daily Mail Online reports. From about December  2011 to April 2012, Selfridges sold unpasteurized milk from vending machines located in its flagship store on London’s Oxford Street…. Continue Reading

Poultry Vaccinations Credited For UK’s Big Drop in Salmonella


The United Kingdom’s mass poultry vaccinations introduced to combat Salmonella infections have led to a dramatic fall in the number of cases since the late 1990s, according to a researcher at the University of Liverpool. Salmonella are dangerous foodborne bacteria that affect people worldwide, causing diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever and abdominal pain. The European Union… Continue Reading

Winter Norovirus Cases Spike Around Globe


Winter months consistently produce the highest numbers of Norovirus outbreaks, but early reports suggest that the bug may be striking a particularly large number of victims this season. In the United Kingdom, the number of confirmed Norovirus cases has risen to 72 percent higher than this time last year. In total, 3,877 citizens have been… Continue Reading

UK Sees Spike in Norovirus Cases

As many as 1 million cases this season


There have been 3,538 laboratory confirmed Norovirus infections in the United Kingdom this fall and winter, according to new figures from the Health Protection Agency. This number marks an 83 percent increase from the number of cases recorded over the same time period last year, says the group. Almost 500 of this year’s cases occurred… Continue Reading

UK Court Says No to “Quick and Pink” Lamb Livers


After a court in the United Kingdom ordered the Brasserie Blanc restaurant to cook lambs liver at 70C for at least two minutes, the Michelin-starred French TV chef Raymond Blanc decided to pull the entree from all his Brasserie Bar Co. restaurants. Through a spokeswoman, Chef Blanc said he prefers removing livers from the menu… Continue Reading