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Hawaii Suspends TB Test Requirement for Food Handlers

Hawaii has temporarily stopped preventing food handlers and others who have not been cleared for tuberculosis from working because of a nationwide shortage of testing solutions. State health officials from across the nation are trying to cope with the shortage. South Carolina’s state health alert network says both TUBEROL®, made by Sanofi Pasteur Limited, and… Continue Reading

Pasteurization Protects People, Period

I note the ruckus over raw milk. Sorry, but I wouldn’t touch raw milk with a 10-foot straw. I wouldn’t drink it, I wouldn’t eat it as cheese and I wouldn’t take a bath in it, either. Nothing personal, but I don’t believe claims that pasteurizing milk destroys its nutritional value or that it’s a… Continue Reading

Michigan Bovine TB Zone Shrinking

The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) announced Friday that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) had approved the state’s proposal to shrink the bovine tuberculosis (TB) Zone in Michigan to a small area in northern Lower Michigan.   Bovine TB is a contagious bacterial disease of cattle that can affect other mammals, including humans.  In… Continue Reading