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Tom Coburn

Food Safety News Naughty List 2010

It’s Christmas Eve and time for Food Safety News to present its second annual Naughty List.  By publishing this list on the day before Christmas, those named will know they should not expect anything special (from us) on the big day.  Tomorrow we’ll publish the second half of this exercise with our annual Nice List. NAUGHTY: Glenn… Continue Reading

USA Today, Coburn Debate Food Safety Bill Merits

USA Today, Coburn weigh in on food safety debate; Coburn to offer alternative bill: USA Today, one of America’s most widely circulated newspapers, featured opposing sides of the debate over pending food safety legislation Tuesday.  Citing a slew of recent high-profile outbreaks, recent USA Today food safety exposes, and foodborne illness stats, the paper’s editorial… Continue Reading

A Blind Faith Based Approach to Food Safety

Senator Coburn is wrong.  The Senate needs to pass meaningful food safety legislation immediately, not keep it on the backburner through the lame duck session so that it can start from scratch again next term.  He has raised legitimate questions of cost, but even his estimated costs of implementing S. 510 (Food Safety Modernization Act)… Continue Reading

Egg on Their Faces: Plenty of Blame to Go Around

Meat&Poultry magazine reported “AIB International on Sept. 23 issued a statement saying that while it conducted its GMP inspection in three of six in-shell egg grading/sorting facilities owned by Wright County Egg Co., Clarion, Iowa, it was not contracted to and did not inspect the other areas of the company’s operations, including the feed milling… Continue Reading

Time Growing Short for Vote on Food Safety Bill

After a year of legislative limbo, the future of the food safety bill in the Senate remains highly uncertain, as the work days left before the contentious midterm elections are dwindling. Late Thursday, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) again rejected a Democrat attempt at bringing the food safety bill to the floor for a vote.  In… Continue Reading

Senate Remains at Impasse Over Food Safety Bill

Despite a flurry of rumors to the contrary, the food safety bill pending in the Senate does not appear to moving anywhere fast. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) “hotlined” the bipartisan bill yesterday, notifying senators that the legislation is ready to be considered under unanimous consent, a critical step forward, if no one objects to… Continue Reading