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Meat substitutes: Safer and just as tasty as the real thing?

Portland, OR — On a recent rainy evening, Native Foods Cafe in Bridgeport Village was bustling. Customers crowded around the counter to order burgers, nachos, chicken wings and other dishes, and people were happily digging in after being served. The “Soul Bowl,” a mélange of beans, rice and veggies, had what looked and tasted like… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: On Coloring Inside the Lines


First off, I don’t mean to disparage anyone on the federal government’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. They are all probably fine folks. It seems that they are all the big names in nutrition working for the big universities — Harvard, Yale, Tufts and those others — that make sideline profits from the ink-stained nutrition newsletter industry…. Continue Reading

American Farms, Food, and a ‘Loving Economy’


The American Farmer The man is a worker. He is strong. His calloused hands grip the axe, and he drives the blade into the tree. He looks up to see that the tree is wavering. One final blow brings the great tree to the ground where even there, fallen, it is beautiful. The man is… Continue Reading

Oceana Study: 38 Percent of Supposed Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Cakes are Fraudulent

The Chesapeake Bay’s iconic blue crab is said to carry a distinctly fresh taste that’s prized by locals and tourists alike. But the crab cakes sold as authentically local at some restaurants in the Chesapeake region might actually be fraudulent crab shipped from as far away as Indonesia, according to a new study by Oceana… Continue Reading

Nourish California Aims to Grow Food Literacy

California, a state that has long been at the forefront of the fresh food movement, is planting the seed of its “California cuisine” in the next generation. This month marked the launch of the “Nourish California” program, an educational initiative designed to teach kids about where food comes from before it gets to the plate,… Continue Reading

Food Scandals Prompt Organic Growth in China

Food safety scandals have helped propel rapid growth in the the organic food sector of China’s economy, according to the Telegraph. “Interest has been promoted by a series of scares including toxic beans, contaminated milk and pork, pesticide-laced dumplings, chemically-tainted chicken, and the growing presence of what is known as ‘sewage oil,’” the paper reported… Continue Reading

On Food Security and Bears Part II

Because of what I do and where I live, I am often talking with people about the human-wildlife conflict, and am continually surprised by what I hear. There are many misconceptions about our relationship with nature in general and with wildlife in particular. During these discussions, I notice there are several persistent themes (false beliefs)… Continue Reading

On Food Security and Bears

I’ve recently been involved in a discussion with the BC Food Systems Network about the relationship between bears and food security. In terms of food security, this issue is an extremely important one for anyone living where large predators exist. I plan to write about it over several articles in order to dispel some common misconceptions… Continue Reading

DC Chef Mendelsohn Promotes ‘Good Stuff’

Everyone knows that Washington DC is the political epicenter of the United States, but what those outside the Beltway don’t know is that the city’s foodie reputation is growing.  With hundreds of restaurants flourishing in the land of lawyers and lobbyists, Food Safety News was able to sit down with gourmet Chef Spike Mendelsohn in… Continue Reading

A Safe and Sustainable Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day Treat: Sustainable food advocate and accomplished chef, Nora Pouillon shares her thoughts on safe food On the tail of another troubling slew of food recalls we come upon everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday, Valentine’s Day.  In the Washington, DC area, no restaurant exemplifies safe food better than Restaurant Nora.  For the past 31… Continue Reading