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FDA commissioner says kratom not worth the Salmonella risk

Editor’s note: Blissful Remedies is the latest brand of kratom products recalled. Users of kratom supplements are putting themselves at risk for Salmonella infections from a product that has no nutritional or medical benefits. After a months-long investigation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has reached that conclusion, which FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced Monday…. Continue Reading

Firm again recalls supplements for excess lead levels; kids sick

A Chicago business whose supplement products have been recalled for expensive lead and linked to several illnesses and possibly two deaths of children is again recalling products because of excess lead content. Ton Shen Health is recalling its Life Rising brand “Side Head Regulator TT” tablets because of excessive lead, a naturally occurring element which… Continue Reading

Life Rising tablets suspected in elevated lead cases, 2 deaths

Local, state and federal officials are investigating Ton Shen Health in relation to elevated lead levels in children and two deaths that occurred after people took a Life Rising brand dietary supplement. The Chicago-based Ton Shen Health company recalled one lot of Life Rising brand “DHZC-2” tablets on Aug. 11 after testing by the Food and Drug… Continue Reading

Feds Announce ‘Nationwide Sweep’ of Supplement Makers

Seven federal agencies, led by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), have announced joint civil and criminal actions against more than 100 makers and marketers of potentially dangerous dietary supplements, which one official compared to modern-day versions of “snake oil salesman and medical quacks.” The agencies went public Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015, with some unsealed federal court indictments, with… Continue Reading

FDA Warning Letters: Companies Told to Stop Distributing Supplements Containing BMPEA

Mounting pressure on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to do something about beta-methylphenethylamine, or BMPEA, being widely used in weight loss and energy supplements may have helped spark the agency to recently issue warning letters to several companies demanding that the “super caffeine” products be pulled from the market. BMPEA is closely related… Continue Reading

Phony Health Claims About Cactus Juice Result in $3.5-Million FTC Settlement

TriVita Inc. of Scottsdale, AZ, will refund $3.5 million to consumers for marketing its cactus juice as a cure-all for pain, inflammation, and respiratory and skin problems. All those health claims are unfounded, according to a unanimous Federal Trade Commission. The marketers of the cactus-based fruit drink have agreed to the refunds to settle FTC… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: Time for Supplements

When Food Safety News began, back in the wee hours of the Obama administration, our plan was to plow deep in the fields that directly involved food safety, but to consciously avoid distractions into other areas that might be just tangentially related. This is harder for journalists to do than you might think. It means… Continue Reading

Scientists Find Meth-Like Chemical in ‘Craze’ Bodybuilding Supplement

Late Monday, you could still buy the body-building diet supplement Craze online from Amazon in candy grape, berry lemonade and piña colada flavors, but it was “currently unavailable” at Driven Sports, Inc., the company that markets the product. Earlier in the day, an international panel of scientists disclosed that one of the ingredients in the… Continue Reading