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Briefly: Raw truth for pets — Fair food — Yelp all about it

Every hour of every day people around the world are living with and working to resolve food safety issues. Here is a sampling of current headlines for your consumption, brought to you today with the support of Alchemy Systems. Raw pet foods dangers for animals, owners Pet owners who opt for raw meat based diets, or RMBDs as… Continue Reading

Steer clear of fair foibles — pun intended; pigs problematic, too

It’s fair season, and a new crop of parents is taking excited youngsters to county and state fairs across the country so they can see the farm animals. Not only see them, but pet them as well. Maybe even kiss them. Stop right there, many veterinarians and fair directors will say. Before heading to the… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: Do We Need a Petting Zoo Preservation Act?


Over the last week I spoke to two families of very young children stricken by E. coli O111 after they both attended a small town Maine fair and petting zoo. One child was just released from the hospital after suffering from acute kidney failure and the other child was buried a week before from complications… Continue Reading

The Petting Zoo Problem

Last month, a toddler died from an E. coli infection acquired at a county fair. Petting zoos have caused dozens of outbreaks in the last decade, all while experts struggle to make them safer.

Katie Maness was 13 years old when her parents took her and two friends to the 2004 North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh. It was a beautiful October day, as her mother Becky recalls years later, and the three girls were excited to visit the petting zoo on their own. Inside the zoo exhibit, the… Continue Reading

61 Now Ill in North Carolina E. coli Outbreak

The deadly E. coli outbreak linked to the Cleveland County Fair in North Carolina grew to 61 cases by Wednesday. At least 10 people have been hospitalized. This latest figures comes less than a week after 2-year-old Gage Lefever died from his infection last Friday. His funeral services were held on Wednesday afternoon. Food Safety News… Continue Reading

County Fair Focus of E. coli Investigation in NC

Four confirmed cases of E. coli may be related to North Carolina’s Cleveland County Fair, which ended Sunday. Parents of a 12-year-old Gaston County boy blame something the youngster ate or came in contact with at the county fair for his his E. coli infection. He is currently in intensive care. North Carolina health officials… Continue Reading

NC State Fair Takes Measures to Prevent Another E. coli Outbreak

Last year’s E. coli O157:H7 outbreak attributed to the Kelley Livestock Building at the North Carolina State Fair has brought changes in pedestrian and animal traffic patterns, now designed to minimize health risks at the fair. The big Raleigh event, next scheduled for Oct.11 to 21, 2012, was responsible for its third E. coli O157:H7… Continue Reading

E. Coli, Animal Exhibits and the North Carolina State Fair

Nearly three months after E. coli O157:H7 sickened 25 people who attended the North Carolina State Fair, investigators know little more about what caused the outbreak, other than   it originated in a livestock building on the fairgrounds.     Field notes published Thursday, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Morbidity and… Continue Reading