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Publisher’s Platform: More data against fresh, raw sprouts


LiveScience reporter Sara G. Miller covered a recent FDA presentation on the risks of sprouts at IDWeek. According to Miller, “sprout contamination continues to pose a serious public health concern,” the researchers from the Food and Drug Administration wrote in their report. According to FDA’s Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation Network (CORE), from 1996 to August 2016,… Continue Reading

Fresh sprouts from Denver linked to 9-state outbreak

At least 30 people across nine states have fallen ill in an outbreak of Salmonella infections traced to “Living Alfalfa Sprouts” supplied by Sprouts Extraordinaire of Denver. A number of the victims reported eating fresh sprouts at several different restaurants before becoming ill, according to the Friday afternoon outbreak announcement from the Centers for Disease… Continue Reading

CDC declares end to E. coli outbreak linked to fresh sprouts

An outbreak traced to fresh sprouts appears to be over, according to federal officials who say 11 people in two states were sickened by E. coli bacteria in Jack & The Green Sprouts alfalfa sprouts. Eight people in Minnesota and three in Wisconsin were confirmed with the outbreak strain of E. coli O157, with symptom… Continue Reading

Shuttered sprout grower issues Listeria-related recall

Henry’s Farm Inc. — shutdown March 3 after years of ongoing Listeria problems in its fresh sprouts and its facility in Virginia — issued a recall yesterday for soybean sprouts produced “on or after March 1.” The recall posted by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services does not mention the violations, warnings, recalls… Continue Reading

Deliberate act cannot be ruled out for Germany’s 2011 outbreak

Yes, the German E. coli O104:H4 was a pathogen of a high virulence that suddenly emerged, and that might point to an unnatural phenomenon. But might it have been a deliberate act? Or some kind of accident? To be sure, the 2011 outbreak centered on Northern Germany was large, severe, and deadly. Out of the… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: 75 sproutbreaks later, fresh raw sprouts still not safe


Thanks to my friends at Barfblog for keeping track of the Sproutbreaks over the last couple of decades. These outbreaks have been some of the largest and most deadly in the world. Now we are seeing two being reported in the United States in the last few weeks. A total of nine people infected with… Continue Reading

Jack & The Green Sprouts recalls sprouts because of E. coli investigation

The owner of Jack & The Green Sprouts Inc. is recalling the company’s alfalfa and alfalfa onion sprouts in response to state and federal investigations into an E. coli O157:NM outbreak. At least seven people in Minnesota and two in Wisconsin have been confirmed with the outbreak strain. Two of the Minnesota victims required hospitalization, according to state… Continue Reading

Good Seed Again Recalls Soybean, Mung Bean Sprouts for Listeria Risk

In the third such recall this year, Good Seed Inc. of Springfield, VA, is recalling all packages of soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Elaine Lidholm, director of communications for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, told Food Safety News on Tuesday that no… Continue Reading