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South Korea

South Korea Bans Antibiotics in Animal Feed

Five years after the European Union banned antibiotics in animal feed, South Korea is about to become the first Asian country to embrace such a restriction. Beginning in July, South Korea is promising to strictly enforce a ban on the use of so-called antibiotic growth promoters in animal feed, according to the Ministry for Food,… Continue Reading

Foot & Mouth May Taint South Korean Bottled Water

The latest outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease have already cost South Korea $2.6 billion, and the latest victim could be its bottled water industry. South Korea has been dealing with the highly contagious and sometimes fatal disease since late in 2010.  Cloven-hoofed animals, including pigs, sheep, and goats, are the target of the disease. It usually does not… Continue Reading

Baucus Wants More Beef in South Korea Trade Deal

Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) is facing off with the White House over the pending South Korea free trade agreement because he wants loosened restrictions on U.S. beef imports. “I’m not going to support the agreement unless there’s a change,” Baucus told the Wall Street Journal, after a hearing on Capitol Hill this… Continue Reading

Vaccine Sent for South Korea’s FMD Outbreak

The North American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccine Bank, administered jointly by commissioners from the United States, Canada and Mexico, is providing the Republic of Korea with foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccine needed to assist the country with its ongoing FMD outbreak. The bank will provide the antigen needed to manufacture 2.5 million doses of vaccine to inoculate… Continue Reading

South Korea, Bulgaria Fight Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Health officials are working to contain outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease in both Bulgaria and South Korea this week. The World Organization for Animal Health reported that one cow, eight pigs, 14 sheep and 12 goats tested positive for the disease in the Burgas region in Bulgaria.  According to Meatingplace, the European Union went into protective… Continue Reading

South Korea: No More Talks on U.S. Beef Imports

South Korean Trade Minister Kim Jon Hoon closed the door on future talks with the U.S. on age limits on American beef imports, Bloomberg reported Monday . The current South Korean free trade agreement awaiting ratification by the Senate does not revise current limits. “It is our government’s firm position that there is no room… Continue Reading