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South Dakota

Jury trial begins today in BPI v. ABC on the saga of ‘pink slime’

ELK POINT, SD — A 12-member jury and four alternates, including 11 women and five men, are ready to hear opening arguments today in a $1.9 billion defamation trial scheduled to last eight weeks here at the Union County Court House. Five years in the making, the trial pits a locally based niche beef processor… Continue Reading

Wyoming, South Dakota nix country-of-origin-labeling for beef

Mandatory country-of-origin-labeling bills for beef and ground beef made it out of committees in Pierre and Cheyenne, but got no further in the farm and ranch friendly South Dakota and Wyoming Legislatures. Senate Bill 135 went down in the South Dakota Senate on Feb. 25. It would have required grocery stores in the Rushmore State… Continue Reading

Ranchers look for some traction on country-of-origin labeling

As individual actions, they might not mean much. Collectively, they say Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) is not going away anytime soon. Two states known for their cowboys, Wyoming and South Dakota, have seen early introduction of COOL bills in their legislatures, respectively, in Cheyenne and Pierre. Cattlemen headquartered in neighboring Montana have not given up on… Continue Reading

South Dakota officials issue Hepatitis A warning

Anyone who ate or drank at the Pizza Works restaurant in Custer, SD, between June 19 and July 5 is at risk of exposure to Hepatitis A, the state Department of Health reports. “A case of hepatitis A has been reported in a food handler at the Pizza Works restaurant in Custer,” according to a… Continue Reading

Oregon’s Ban on Raw Milk Advertising Could be Headed for the History Books

Oregon’s ban on advertising raw milk, which is no longer enforced, will likely be removed from the law books entirely after a 9-0 vote Thursday by the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources. The favorable committee vote moves House Bill 2446 as written to the floor without any amendments. It now appears likely that the… Continue Reading

SD Soybean Group Launching Food-Safety Campaign

A soybean industry group in South Dakota plans to launch a TV, print and radio ad campaign in January with the goal of “dispelling misconceptions” about farming and food safety. Entitled “Hungry for Truth,” the campaign hopes to spread the message to the relatively urban areas of the state, such as Sioux Falls and Rapid City,… Continue Reading

SD Raw Milk Dairies Press For Change After State Lab Makes Big Mistake

A laboratory mistake made less than one month after new raw milk rules went into effect in South Dakota has opened a legislative window for eliminating some of the state’s new food safety measures on unpasteurized dairy products. “The state did not follow the rules, but basically shut me down for having a beneficial bacteria,”… Continue Reading

Listeria Contamination Found in Raw Milk From South Dakota Dairy Farm

Update: Further test results from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture found the milk from Jerseydale Farms to contain Listeria innocua, a harmless variety of Listeria. The initial concern was that the milk contained Listeria monocytogenes, a potentially deadly pathogen. The original article is below: Bottled raw milk from Jerseydale Farms near Brookings has tested positive… Continue Reading