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UK responds to report of ‘hygiene failings’ in slaughterhouses

A report about contaminated meat in the United Kingdom by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, a London-based nonprofit that says it exists to “expose wrongs and spark change” lacks accuracy, according to the the UK’s Food Standards Agency. “Recent media reports of contaminated meat do not give the complete picture on the condition of meat… Continue Reading

Two years later, state is still trying to shut down meat processor

A slaughterhouse-meat processing business in Auburn, WA, that lost its license two years ago because of food safety violations is still operating and now under court order to cease operations. Rickson Vilog, owner of Vilog Livestock, is under orders from King County Superior Court Judge Brian Gain to remove all livestock from his property by… Continue Reading

Bay Area’s Last Major Slaughterhouse Struggles with Recalls, Closures

This article was written by Christopher Peak, a Marin Media Institute Research Fellow for the Point Reyes Light. After nearly a century in business, the Bay Area’s last major slaughterhouse facility has once again closed its doors, for the second time in less than a month. Following a massive recall of about 8.7 million pounds… Continue Reading

USDA Allows Slaughterhouse Shut Down for Abuse to Resume Operations

One week after the U.S. Department of Agriculture withdrew inspectors from a California slaughterhouse over alleged animal abuse and inhumane slaughter, the agency gave the plant the green light to resume operations on Monday after reviewing the company’s corrective plan. The Food Safety and Inspection service said Central Valley Meat Co. submitted an “extensive corrective… Continue Reading

New Mexico Slaughterhouse Wants to Export Horsemeat

UPDATE: Valley Meat Co., now seeking a grant of inspection to allow it to slaughter horses for export, had its beef slaughter inspectors pulled from the plant for five days for the company’s inhumane treatment of animals. The incident resulting in the suspension occurred on Feb. 24, 2012 when both an employee using a  .40… Continue Reading

Footage of Illegal Slaughterhouse Prompts Arrest

The owner of an illegal slaughter facility in Los Angeles County is behind bars after video footage showed him slitting the throats of two conscious animals before letting them bleed to death.  The clip, released Friday by Mercy for Animals, shows 25-year-old Roberto Celedon picking up a goat by its two right legs, pinning it on… Continue Reading

Why Do Beef Trimmings Need to be Sanitized?

A central focus in the controversy over the use of ammoniated hydroxide to sanitize beef trimmings are the claims that the source meat may be highly pathogenic, otherwise destined for dog food or laced with dangerous bacteria. So why would the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) publicly state that beef trimmings… Continue Reading

Bill Seeks Permanent Ban on Downer Slaughter at Meat Plants

Congressman Gary Ackerman, D-NY, this week reintroduced a bill to permanently prohibit the slaughter at meat plants of unhealthy livestock that cannot walk because they are diseased, injured or ill, and to require that these animals be humanely euthanized. Lead cosponsor of the bipartisan bill, the Downed Animal and Food Safety Protection Act (H.R. 3704),… Continue Reading

If Oil Spills, Shuttle Failures Were Investigated Like E. Coli

If USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) had been assigned the responsibility to investigate last years’ oil spill in the Gulf, and provide solutions, the agency would have concluded: 1.) Louisiana, Mississippi, and other states are responsible for the environmental degradation because they allowed contaminants to enter their boundaries. 2.) Petroleum is a contaminant only when it… Continue Reading

Horse Slaughter Issue Won’t Go Away

In the nearly five years since the last legal horse slaughterhouses in the United States shut down, strange events keep happening in Florida’s C-9 Basin, north of Okeechobee Road and west of the Florida Turnpike. This time, Miami-Dade police are investigating the illegal sale of horse meat, specifically a brown bay thoroughbred they found without… Continue Reading