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Supplier to Yum, McDonald’s in China calls food safety convictions ‘injustices’

Before the trial of two of its Shanghai facilities and 10 employees, officials with OSI Group expressed “confidence in China’s legal system,” and said they believed the local court would “come to a fair and reasonable judgement with full respect to the facts and laws.” But Monday, after a Shanghai court convicted the two Husi Food… Continue Reading

U.S., China FDA Officials to Speak at Shanghai Food Safety Conference

Xu Jinghe, director of legal affairs for the China Food and Drug Administration, holds a position pretty much equivalent to Michael R. Taylor, the deputy commissioner for foods at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Xu, who earlier this week announced that high-risk food industries in China will soon be required to obtain liability insurance,… Continue Reading

Shanghai Considers Food Safety Blacklist

Shanghai is considering a new regulation that would blacklist and harshly punish businesses involved in illegal food safety conduct, according to Chinese media Xinhua. The crackdown, which comes amidst a slew of food safety scandals in China, would cover 11 types of misconduct and company executives would be eligible to make the blacklist. The proposed… Continue Reading

NSF Opens Shanghai Food Safety Testing Lab

NSF International, a global not-for-profit public health and product safety organization, opened a lab in Shanghai this week to expand testing and certification services to China–and they could use the help. The news of the lab broke just as Time picked up a South China Morning Post report that millions of acres of agricultural land… Continue Reading

Shanghai Increases Food Safety Efforts

A few days before authorities in Shanghai announced they had shut down a dairy and arrested local businessmen for adulterating milk products with melamine, a toxic industrial chemical, official Chinese media were touting the city’s renewed food safety efforts in preparation for next year’s World Expo. Chinese officials estimate that 85 percent of the 70… Continue Reading

Melamine in Chinese Powdered Milk…Again

On December 31, 2009, the Chinese government-run Xinhua news agency announced that melamine was found in milk produced by the Shanghai Panda company.  Initial reports indicated that the Shanghai Panda plant was shut down, three of the company’s top executives were arrested, and milk produced by the company was recalled from seven provinces.  (See Shanghai… Continue Reading