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Shanghai HUSI Food Co. Ltd.

OSI Chinese Units and Ten Employees Go On Trial in Shanghai Over Expired Meat

Two China units and ten employees of the Aurora, IL-based OSI Group have gone on trial in Shanghai over food safety violations that could result in fines, jail sentences or both. Chinese prosecutors brought charges of producing and selling sub-standard food products against the two units and ten employees in September. They stem from a… Continue Reading

KFC China Sues Online Firms for Spreading ‘Defamatory Messages’

KFC China, a unit of Yum! Brands Inc., has sued three Chinese online companies for allegedly spreading false rumors that the chain used chickens with six wings and eight legs in its products and that maggots were included with a delivery order. The company claims that such rumors and accompanying photos had been spread via… Continue Reading

Chinese Lawmakers Mull Tougher Penalties for Breaking Food Safety Laws

The bi-monthly legislative session of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, being held Monday through Saturday in Beijing, is considering a draft revision to China’s food safety laws that would include detention for offenders. Anyone who adds inedible substances to foods could go to jail for up to 15 days, states the submitted bill language…. Continue Reading

OSI Group Shrinks China Staff After Expired Meat Scandal

Last year Aurora, IL-based OSI Group broke into the top 100 of the Forbes list of the largest privately held companies. But, in the past 60 days, OSI Group, with its “World of Food Solutions” motto, has been rapidly shrinking in China. At this point, OSI (China) might have preferred to let its Shanghai Husi… Continue Reading

Six Arrested in Chinese Scandal Over Expired Meat

Chinese authorities in Shanghai have arrested six officials and employees from a subsidiary of the U.S. food supplier OSI Group in connection with the scandal involving expired meat served at a number of Western food chain franchises in China, according to Channel News Asia. The six, who were arrested this past Friday, work for Shanghai… Continue Reading

Chinese TV Report Prompts McDonald’s and KFC to Drop U.S.-Owned Supplier

China’s Dragon TV has thrust a Chicago-area meat supplier into the arms of its crisis communications team with public apologies and promises for quick corrective action. But Aurora, IL-based OSI Group could not act fast enough to stop McDonald’s and Yum! Brands Inc.’s KFC from cutting business ties with its Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd…. Continue Reading