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Organic Mutagenic/Cell Fusion Hybrid Seeds are Genetically Engineered


It is spring planting time for farms, and, if hybrid seeds are being planted, chances are some might be genetically engineered (GE) and technically genetically modified organisms (GMOs), according to a growing movement in organic agriculture. High Mowing Organic Seeds, an organic seed company based in Wolcott, VT, bans the sale of hybrid seeds produced… Continue Reading

Oregon Splits Willamette Valley Between Canola and Seeds

The West often gets divided up: cowboys vs. Indians, wet vs. dry, Catholics vs. Protestants and cattle vs. sheep, just to name a few. Now Oregon vs. Canola has been added to that list. And while some say that the new maps that take effect Friday open Oregon to genetically modified canola, others say that… Continue Reading

EU Ban on Egyptian Fenugreek Seeds Extended

Last week the European Commission lifted import restrictions on fresh and chilled podded peas and green beans and other fresh produce from Egypt. The ban had been an emergency action imposed in July, after imported Egyptian fenugreek seeds were blamed for the outbreak of E. coli O104:H4 linked to sprouts in Germany and France. But… Continue Reading

Europe Open to Egypt Peas and Beans

Restrictions imposed against Egypt during this year’s E. coli O104:H4 outbreaks in Germany and France have been lifted by the European Commission (EC).  Fresh and chilled peas and beans from Egypt may again be imported into the European Union (EU) counties. In an emergency action in July, the EC had banned the import of fenugreek… Continue Reading