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Food-Safety Bills Start Popping up in State Legislatures

A Republican legislator in New Mexico wants to bail out the state’s school lunch program by using tax money to purchase $1.4 million in locally grown fruits and vegetables, which would then be provided to the schools without charge. State Rep. Jimmie C. Hall of Albuquerque, who is also executive director of the 4-H Development… Continue Reading

Why Would School Nutritionists Oppose Healthier Meals?


(This blog post by Dr. Marion Nestle was published June 6, 2014, on Food Politics and is republished here with her permission.) Understanding why school nutritionists want to scrap USDA’s nutrition standards takes some effort. The question: Why is the School Nutrition Association (SNA) — the organization that represents the interests of “lunch ladies” — supporting Republican… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: Another Failure to Implement


Standing in the door of my school cafeteria was a nun, who, in the full garb of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, stood about seven feet tall. Like a giraffe leaning down to pick fruit off a tree, the same tall SBS nun would lower herself just in time to catch my passing ear… Continue Reading