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San Bernardino County

The Year’s Top Ten Food Safety Stories

Here are the Top Ten  food safety stories  for 2015 as compiled by Food Safety News.   No. 1—The massacre on Dec. 2, 2015  of 14 people in San Bernardino County, CA mostly involved those responsible for local food safety and related county health inspections and the homicides were  carried out by Islamic extremists, including… Continue Reading

Syed Farook’s Food Safety Inspection Reports Show Nothing Unusual

About 1,000 reports Syed Rizwan Farook prepared for the San Bernardino County Division of Environmental Health Services indicate that he was a “by the book” food safety inspector before he took up mass murder. The San Bernardino, CA, shooting that rocked the nation on Wednesday, Dec. 2, occurred at a holiday luncheon for county public health employees…. Continue Reading