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Salmonella Typhimurium

Staying Safe When Handling Live Poultry


Yes, baby chicks, ducklings and other poultry that appear in farm stores this time of year are as cute as can be. And, yes, children especially love to hold them and even nuzzle them mouth to beak. Unfortunately, that’s where the danger begins. The reason? No matter how healthy or clean the baby birds may… Continue Reading

‘Daubert Hearing’ Scheduled for Stewart Parnell’s ADHD Witness

Judge with law book and gavel

Attorneys for the government and defendant Stewart Parnell have agreed on a date for a “Daubert hearing” to determine the viability of an expert witness ready to testify that the former peanut company executive suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A “Daubert hearing” is an evidentiary proceeding held by a federal judge to determine… Continue Reading

Latest Motion Asks for Help With Government Documents Before PCA Trial Begins


The former quality-control manager for the now-defunct Peanut Corporation of America processing plant at Blakely, GA, says that her defense cannot make sense out 3 to 4 million documents that could be used at her trial. In the latest motion, federal defense attorney Thomas G. Ledford says his client, Mary Wilkerson, needs access to the… Continue Reading

Nine Hospitalized in British Salmonella Outbreak


British public-health investigators are tracking the source of a Salmonella outbreak which has put nine people in the hospital and sickened 57. Those who became ill range in age from an infant to an 87-year-old. The U.K. government’s Food Standards Agency reported Thursday that cooked ham from small independent butchers may be the source of… Continue Reading

Stewart and Michael Parnell Ask for Separate Criminal Trials


Criminal defendants Stewart and Michael Parnell want separate trials for the federal felony counts they are charged with regarding their time running the Peanut Corporation of America. With two other defendants,  the Parnells face a total indictment of 76 counts, including conspiracy, wire fraud, obstruction of justice and introducing misbranded and adulterated food into interstate… Continue Reading

Wilkerson Files Key Motions in PCA Criminal Proceedings


In the weeks after the February grand jury indictment of four former Peanut Corporation of America executives, it seemed to be all about the former chief executive officer, Stewart Parnell. Parnell wanted his U.S. Passport back so he could work outside the U.S., and he wanted an attorney who represented his daughter on his defense… Continue Reading

Government Brings Out Everything It Has on Former PCA Executives

Sealed Records Involve Defendant Mary Wilkerson


The federal government has sealed some recent proceedings involving defendant Mary Wilkerson in the criminal case against four former Peanut Corporation of America executives. The former quality control manger for the PCA peanut processing plant at Blakely, GA was charged with two felony counts of obstruction of justice, the smallest slice of the government’s 76-count… Continue Reading

CDC Reports Two Multistate Salmonella Outbreaks Linked to Live Poultry


Two separate outbreaks linked to live baby poultry are sickening people across the country, according to two announcements from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Friday. Salmonella Typhimurium Outbreak The first outbreak, caused by a strain of Salmonella Typhimurium, has sickened 146 people in 26 states since early March, when the outbreak began…. Continue Reading

Stewart Parnell “More of a Flight Risk Now,” U.S. Attorneys Say

His Request for Return of His Passport Denied


UPDATE: U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Q. Langstaff  late Friday denied Stewart Parnell’s request to have his U.S. Passport returned, Without a hearing, the Judge said the Court is sympathetic with Parnell’s desire to pursue employment opportunities involving foreign travel, but said conditions of his release are already the “least restrictive necessary” to ensure his future… Continue Reading

U.S. Wants Court to Cut Prominent Parnell Attorney from Case


The government wants one of the attorneys defending former Peanut Corporation of America CEO Stewart Parnell on criminal, fraud and other criminal charges thrown off the case. The attorney the government wants to disqualify for “an alleged potential conflict of interest” is Atlanta-based lawyer Kenneth B. Hodges, III, who is well-known because he was the… Continue Reading