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Salmonella Sandiego

More Salmonella Infections Tied to Tiny Turtles

Small turtles have caused a rash of illnesses in the United States over the past two years, accounting for at least 347 Salmonella illnesses since May of 2011, according to federal health officials. That figure, reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Friday, marks an increase from the 248 cases linked to… Continue Reading

Four Salmonella Strains Linked to Small Turtles Still Causing Illnesses

Contact with small turtles is continuing to cause Salmonella illnesses around the country, according to a new report from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention. These small reptiles – measuring four inches or less in length – have now been linked to 196 illnesses in 31 states since September of 2011. A total of 36… Continue Reading

Tiny Turtle Salmonella Outbreaks Expand

A series of 6 Salmonella outbreaks linked to contact with small turtles is now affecting 168 people from 30 states. That’s up from the 149 illnesses reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its last update July 3. The 19 new cases have been connected with 4 of the 6 outbreak strains… Continue Reading

More Salmonella Cases Linked to Tiny Turtles

CDC reporting 149 illnesses in 28 states

Investigations into five ongoing Salmonella outbreaks – all linked to contact with small turtles – have revealed 19 more cases and a sixth outbreak from another strain of the bacteria. Health officials now report that Salmonella Poona, Strain B, caused 6 illnesses in 3 states between April 1 and May 26, 2012. Those states include… Continue Reading

Small Turtles Likely Source of 3 Salmonella Outbreaks

Public health officials are currently investigating three multistate outbreaks of Salmonella linked to baby turtles. Since September of last year, at least 66 people in 16 states have been sickened by three strains of Salmonella: Salmonella Sandiego, Salmonella Pomona and Salmonella Poona, all thought to be carried by small turtles. These reptiles, whose shells are… Continue Reading