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Food safety: Possible risk to reputations provides motivation


Over Ecolab’s many decades of support to the food service industry, we have seen considerable progress in the execution of sanitation and hygiene programs that protect public health. But each new food safety incident or norovirus outbreak, and the accompanying headlines, remind us that we dare not take our eyes off the ball. The public… Continue Reading

Chipotle CEO sets a bad example in ‘Today Show’ segment


Chipotle founder and co-CEO Steve Ells

Editor’s note: This column was originally posted on barfblog.com on Dec. 7 under the headline “Chipotle CEO Ells uses the bare hand touch test for meat doneness.” Chipotle, one of our favorite barfblog topics, is in the news again as CEO Steve Ells appeared on the “Today Show” to talk woes associated with recovery from 2015’s… Continue Reading

Food Safety Tips for People with Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking the opportunity to remind people with diabetes about the importance of safe food handling. Because diabetes can affect various organs and systems of the body, those living with this disease are more susceptible to foodborne illness and more likely to… Continue Reading

Food Safety and Socioeconomic Status: Is There a Link?

Curious about how race and socioeconomic factors factor into foodborne illness risk, a number of researchers over the past few years have looked at foodborne illness risk among low-income and minority populations. Study findings show increased risk among minority populations, but researchers experience difficulty ascertaining whether disparities exist at the income level, mainly because of… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: A Decade of Bad Cantaloupes

With Listeria-laced cantaloupe sickening dozens and killing at least four in at least nine states (all these numbers will increase in the next 24 hours), what is the problem and what can a consumer do?  Contaminated cantaloupes have been an issue over the last decade and before: Del Monte Fresh Produce Cantaloupe 2011 Del Monte… Continue Reading

Germany Outbreak Puts Spotlight on Raw Produce

As uncertainty continues over the source of Germany’s E. coli outbreak, which as of Thursday had sickened 1,600 people and killed 18, one clear question emerges: If the food source turns out to be cucumbers, tomatoes or lettuce, so far the prime suspects, was it handled according to accepted food safety practices? With that question,… Continue Reading

Spring Traditions: Serving Brisket Safely

Brisket is a popular meat for springtime celebrations. One reason that it’s an excellent choice for entertaining is that it can be prepared in advance. In fact, you must prepare it in advance and cook it slowly to make it tender. Also, because it can be cooked ahead of time and it reheats well, brisket… Continue Reading