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Rocky Ford Cantaloupes

Letter From the Editor: They’re Not Thinking About It


Back from Portland, OR, where the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) annual meeting was held this year, it’s natural to be thinking about the big things. This time of year, one that comes to mind is the safety of all the fresh fruit and produce we are scooping up. As “grown at altitude” Rocky… Continue Reading

Colorado Celebrates Recovery of Rocky Ford Cantaloupes

ROCKY FORD, CO — The 135th annual Watermelon Day at the Arkansas Valley Fair was eclipsed by a statewide declaration of Rocky Ford Cantaloupe Day by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. No one seemed to care, however, as fairgoers were happy to celebrate the recovery of Rocky Ford cantaloupes as they followed the footsteps of the… Continue Reading

Rocky Ford Cantaloupes Are Back On Sale In Colorado

Rocky Ford cantaloupes were not exactly rolled out as planned on Friday, July 13 for their first sales following last year’s deadly Listeria outbreak. Instead, the new Rocky Ford Growers Association (RFGA) opted to give away 450 pounds of the cantaloupe during the previous weekend at the popular Cherry Creek Arts Festival. People lined up… Continue Reading

Colorado Changes Its Cantaloupe Growing Practices

The few Colorado farmers who grow the same brand of cantaloupe implicated in last year’s Listeria outbreak — the most deadly outbreak of foodborne illness in the U.S. in decades — are falling into line with growing and packing reforms that originated in California. The California-centered U.S. cantaloupe industry is bending other growing areas to… Continue Reading

Outbreak Not Over, But Cantaloupe Recovery Plan in Works

With the 26-state outbreak of listeriosis likely to become the most deadly foodborne illness outbreak in modern U.S. history, it might be understandable if Colorado told its cantaloupe growers just to plant something else next year. Only about 2,300 acres — just 3.6 square miles up and down he Arkansas River — are dedicated to… Continue Reading

Lawsuit Filed In Rocky Ford Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak

First came the  state warning, then retail removals, next was the recall, followed by national warnings, and now the first lawsuit.  The multi-state Listeria outbreak has played out this week like a carefully choreographed dance.  And it is not over. Jensen Farms, the Holly, CO-based grower of Rocky Ford cantaloupes, and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. were… Continue Reading

Cantaloupes Recalled in Deadly Listeria Outbreak

By the time the first recall was announced Wednesday, major retail chains had already removed all Colorado-grown cantaloupes from their shelves in the face of a deadly, multistate outbreak of Listeria infection. Two days after a public warning linked Colorado’s popular “Rocky Ford” cantaloupes to more than a dozen illnesses, one grower in the Arkansas… Continue Reading