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Risky Meat, Missed Opportunity


Will knowing which foods are most likely to cause severe foodborne illness increase consumer and industry vigilance? “Risky Meat,” Center for Science and the Public Interest’s (CSPI) April 23 report stated this as their goal, but they miss an opportunity to offer guidance that could really make a difference. “Risky Meat,” written by Sarah Klein… Continue Reading

Report Ranks Riskiest Food-Pathogen Combinations

Fourteen foodborne pathogens cost $14.1 billion and present a significant public health burden, according to a report released today by the University of Florida’s Emerging Pathogens Institute. The study is the first comprehensive ranking of pathogen-food combinations, identifying the top 10 riskiest pairs. Campylobacter and poultry, Toxoplasma and pork (and unknown sources), Listeria and deli… Continue Reading

Sprouts Again–This Time an Illinois Outbreak

Sprouts . . . nutritionally dense, next to irresistable on sub sandwiches, and an exceptional medium for the proliferation of dangerous bacteria. Sprouts have been called one of the 10 riskiest foods.  They have been estimated to have caused 40 percent of foodborne illness outbreaks linked to fresh produce.  And now they are implicated in… Continue Reading