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TripAdvisor accused of cutting food safety reviews — Pathogens discriminate — What's your bag?

Every hour of every day people around the world are living with and working to resolve food safety issues. Here is a sampling of current headlines for your consumption, brought to you today with the support of iwaspoisoned.com. TripAdvisor deleted reviews about food poisoning TripAdvisor is under fire for allegedly censoring consumers’ warnings about injuries, assaults… Continue Reading

Study: Shoppers Spread Raw Poultry Juices at Store, Home

Shoppers may want to be more mindful of what they touch after handling packages of raw poultry at the grocery store, according to a new study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on consumer safety behavior when shopping for poultry. Researchers in the study found that few people used either the plastic bags intended… Continue Reading

Reusable Bags Redux: Dirty Bags Kill


This was originally published on barfblog. “The Internet is there to provide data for what you already believe.” That’s what Doug emailed me in a conversation we were having about the endless coverage of the supposed maim and chaos that reusable shopping bags have on public health.. The reusable-shopping-bags-are-killing-us discourse took a turn into the… Continue Reading

The Case of the Contaminated, Reusable Grocery Bag

Oregon state senior epidemiologist William Keene is a fan of Berton Roueché, whose books, like Eleven Blue Men, revealed the whodunnit work of epidemiology. Now Keene, of the Oregon Public Health Division, and fellow sleuth Kimberly Repp, of Oregon Health and Sciences University, have cracked a case and told a real-life detective tale worthy of… Continue Reading

Reusable Grocery Bags: Time to Get the Lead Out?

Previous reports that reusable shopping bags can collect bacteria did little to dissuade some people from using them. Now, however, in further proof that there’s likely something environmentally wrong with most everything, the Tampa Tribune reports that reusable bags sold by two grocery store chains, Winn-Dixie and Publix, contain lead that could, after disposal, leach… Continue Reading

Reusable Shopping Bags: Safe?

According to a joint food safety research report issued by researchers at the University of Arizona and Loma Linda University, reusable grocery bags can serve as a breeding ground for dangerous foodborne bacteria and pose a serious risk to public health. The researchers randomly tested reusable grocery bags carried by shoppers in Los Angeles, San… Continue Reading