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Officials confirm investigation at On the Border restaurant

Patrons of an On the Border restaurant in Georgia developed Salmonella infections after eating there during Mother’s Day weekend, but county officials did not alert the public about the situation and will not reveal how many people got sick or whether a contamination source was determined. The Cobb & Douglas (Counties) Public Health Department investigated,… Continue Reading

Kansas launches food safety website for public complaints

Health and agriculture officials in Kansas have partnered to launch a new food safety website for the state in an effort to reduce anonymous complaints and better identify and investigate foodborne outbreaks. The website — www.foodsafetykansas.org — has links for the public to file complaints with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and… Continue Reading

Publisher’s Platform: Trump orders his burgers well done

What will the president's views be on food safety for the rest of us?


Bloomberg posted a piece on “How Donald Trump Orders (and Tips) at His Favorite Restaurant” about the 21 Club, which is just a few blocks from Trump Tower in Manhattan. According to the report: The president’s standard order is a “21” Burger ($36), which he likes cooked well-done and topped with American cheese. On the… Continue Reading

Mar-A-Lago’s restaurants pass annual food safety inspections

Both areas of the Mar-A-Lago Club and the smaller 30-seat Beach Club at Mar-A-Lago passed their annual inspections by the State of Florida’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants, but like most, they fell a little short of perfection. Problems were mostly fixed on the spot. Mar-a-Lago is the Winter White House and National Historic Landmark… Continue Reading

Governor lets bill banning restaurant letter grades become law

The popular use of letter grades for restaurant inspections — used from New York City to Southern California — will be banned in Colorado under a bill that becomes law on Aug. 10. Gov. John W. Hickenlooper allowed the controversial HB 16-1401 to become law without his signature, but instead wrote to the General Assembly… Continue Reading

Newspaper posts tell-all database on restaurant inspections

At least one media outlet in Colorado, where a bipartisan legislature has voted to keep the public in the dark about restaurant inspections, is not playing along. House Bill 16-1401, which would ban local governments from reporting the results of restaurant inspections with letters, numbers or symbol grading systems, has been on Gov. John Hickenlooper’s… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania restaurant inspection reveals faked food safety certificate

A Harrisburg, PA, restaurant recently inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture was reportedly operating with a faked food safety certificate. According to a local media outlet, the May 9 inspection of Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet revealed a posted certificate from 2010 but dated Sept. 24, 2015. The certificate showed that the restaurant had someone… Continue Reading

Food safety continues to be under the budget knife in Alaska

Alaska’s food safety budgets are taking more cuts as the state tries to close a $4 billion budget deficit caused by low oil prices. Another proposed cut of $268,000 is going to mean fewer restaurant inspections and reduced surveillance for food borne diseases. The further reduction in spending comes after last year’s $624,000 funding cut… Continue Reading