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rat lungworm

Hawaii reports first confirmed rat lungworm case of 2018

The Hawaii Department of Health has confirmed the first case of rat lungworm disease in the state this year in an adult resident of West Hawaii on Hawaii Island. The individual became seriously ill earlier this month and is being treated at a hospital. Laboratory results confirmed evidence of the rat lungworm parasite in the… Continue Reading

‘Free’ trip leaves man in expensive, lifelong, parasitic nightmare

Ron and Darlene Fields had been married for 26 years when they decided to take a “free” 12-day trip to Hawaii in fall 2016. Ron was 62 then, and his construction business in Sarasota, FL, was really taking off. Darlene, who does paperwork for the company, had saved up credit card reward points so they… Continue Reading

Poisoned in paradise: Rat lungworm nightmare in Hawaii

Victim, legislator, researcher skeptical of Hawaii health officials efforts regarding rat lungworm

Whether state officials have downplayed the danger of rat lungworm parasites, the fact remains that Hawaii is in the midst of an outbreak that has given at least three people from the mainland lasting impressions of the island state. The mainlanders — a California couple on their honeymoon and a Seattle woman who was set… Continue Reading

Rat lungworm cases spike on two Islands, Maui and Big Island

Hawaii is experiencing an uptick in rat lungworm disease.  Six confirmed cases on Maui and another three confirmed cases on  the Big Island were reported over the last three months with no deaths.   That’s about as many cases as are ever experienced over the course of a year. Some cases do get more public… Continue Reading

Minnesotan Recovering from Rat Lungworm Disease

A Watertown, MN man will make a full recovery from paralyzing rat lungworm disease acquired during his visit to Hawaii’s Big Island last November and December, his doctors now say. Eric Reinert, 22, visited the Big Island’s Puna District to learn about organic farming practices and was exposed to the dangerous rat lungworm disease, or… Continue Reading

Hawaii Concerned About Rat Lungworm

In paradise, they still have to worry about rat lungworm.   Hawaii’s top experts on the debilitating infection gathered last week at the University of Hawaii-Hilo’s College of Pharmacy out of growing concern about rat lungworm. Earlier this year, the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) had to issue a warning about rat lungworm– also known… Continue Reading

Hawaii Might Ditch New Food Safety Law

Diarrhea — let alone something called rat lungworm nematode — can ruin any vacation, so the last thing the tourist industry needs is an association with the risk of foodborne illness. But would a move toward science-based, risk-reducing agricultural practices in Hawaii help to control a parasitic worm and reduce other food-safety risks, or would proposed… Continue Reading