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Frozen raspberry problems continued in 2017 for Canada, U.S.

Individually Quick Frozen raspberries imported from China were the source of 615 confirmed cases of Norovirus in Quebec between March and July of this year, and of 15 cases in Minnesota in August of 2016. The Quebec outbreak encompassed clients and staff of seven seniors’ residences, two daycare centers and one hotel conference in four… Continue Reading

Chile rebuilding raspberry business with food safety strategy

SANTIAGO, CHILE — Chile’s raspberry producers came in for some special attention during a conference for this country’s food exporters. All who were in attendance were provided with a glossy 20-page brochure just produced for raspberry farm workers. It’s one piece in a strategy to rebuild Chile’s place among raspberry exporters. Today, among the top raspberry producers… Continue Reading

Last Big Cyclospora Outbreak Was Traced to Guatemalan Raspberries

Seventeen years ago, an outbreak of the protozoan parasite cyclospora was quickly blamed on California strawberries — but these would later turn out not to be the source. What was missed in the investigation was the steady increase in imports of raspberries from the poor Central American nation of Guatemala. U.S. imports of raspberries from… Continue Reading

Berry Lovers Benefit from Food Safety Scrutiny

It’s berry season.  Time for some chlorine.   No, we’re not talking about chlorine as in sunglasses and swimming pools but rather chlorine as in berry farmers and irrigation water. And while the juxtaposition of swimming and irrigation water may at first seem far-fetched, the generally accepted food safety standard for irrigation water for crops… Continue Reading

Warning On Polish Raspberries

Four years ago, frozen strawberries imported to Finland from Poland were found to be spreading norovirus across borders.  More than 1,000 Finlanders became sick.  A new norovirus outbreak may be underway, only this time Polish frozen raspberries are the suspected source. Going into this weekend, the Finnish Food Safety Authority, Evira, warned the population to… Continue Reading