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Proposition 2

Food safety might come up in handful of state ballot measures

State and local ballot issues involving food and agriculture sometimes push food safety onto the political stage. Not much of that is likely in 2018, however, because this year only a handful of states are going to be voting on food or agricultural measures. According to Ballotpedia, the nonpartisan online political encyclopedia, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon,… Continue Reading

No big boom yet in egg industry ‘cage-free’ hen housing

Egg producers would have to triple the number of laying hens kept in so-called cage-free housing to make good on their promise to meet demands for restaurant and retail chains by 2025. Only 16.8 percent of U.S. laying hens are currently in “cage-free” housing. Egg producers do not appear to be making as rapid conversion… Continue Reading

Egg-Producing States File Appeal Over California’s Proposition 2

States that, until recently, sold a total of 2 billion shell eggs a year in California clearly don’t intend to give up on that lucrative Golden State market without a fight. After first getting tossed from federal court, they’ve now returned with bulked-up arguments to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The… Continue Reading

Appeals Court: CA’s Proposition 2 Passes Constitutional Muster

Another federal court decision has upheld California’s Proposition 2, which passed overwhelming in 2008 and has dramatically raised raw shell egg prices in the Golden State since this past Jan. 1 when it became effective. This time is was a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals based in San Francisco that… Continue Reading

Letter From the Editor: CA Law Likely to Increase Egg Prices, But What About Food Safety?


On Jan. 2, a new California law will require that shell eggs sold at retail in the state will come only from hens housed in larger cages, be they resident or non-resident hens. This change comes at a time when egg consumption and prices are both up to historic highs, an increase of 30-35 percent… Continue Reading

Egg-Producing States to Appeal California’s Battery Cage Rule

Notice has been filed of a planned appeal by several egg-producing states outside California objecting to the requirement that only eggs from hens kept in so-called Proposition 2 cages can be sold in California. A trial judge earlier rejected the claims on grounds the states representing their egg producers lacked standing to bring the case…. Continue Reading

Despite Ruling, Midwest Egg Producers Unlikely to Give Up California Market Without a Fight

Even after being told last week that they don’t have standing to sue in federal court, six Midwest egg-producing states aren’t likely to give up either battery cages for their laying hens nor the big California market. Battery cages are housing systems for chickens, laying hens, and various other types of poultry production systems which… Continue Reading