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Deadlines set for comments to FSANZ on changes Down Under

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), which has responsibility for food safety in Australia and New Zealand, has upcoming comment deadlines for several draft variations to its food code.   Three applications with comment deadlines in coming weeks are: A1131 – 1 (Protease) as a Processing Aid (Enzyme) Seeks a permit for the use of aqualysin 1 sourced from Bacillus subtilis… Continue Reading

Proposed Rule for Food Processors Alarms Some, Confuses Many

“Coming down like a ton of bricks.” “Complicated and interwoven.” “Costly.” “The end of many small- and mid-size farms and food processors.” “Never heard of it.” “A work in progress.” When asked about FDA’s new proposed rule for food processing facilities, that’s how a sustainable-agriculture advocate, a food-safety expert for a large fresh produce association,… Continue Reading

Several Food Companies Receive Warning Letters After FDA Inspection

Government warning letters to several food companies were released this week. Food Safety News earlier reported on problem with sprout production at Henrys Farms in Virginia. Other warning letter activity includes: – Chu Minh Corp., doing business as Chu Minh Tofu in Seattle, received a warning letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)… Continue Reading

Seafood Handler Enters into Consent Decree

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and San Diego-based Ocean Harvest Inc., together with its president, Minkyu Park, recently signed a consent decree of permanent injunction, the FDA reported last week. The FDA charged that company,  an outlet for salmon, tuna, and other fresh fish intended for raw consumption, particularly in sushi, had been selling seafood… Continue Reading

Processing Problem Prompts Canned Seafood Recall

Quinault Tribal Enterprise of Taholah, WA is recalling canned salmon, smoked and non-smoked; tuna, smoked and non-smoked; smoked sturgeon; minced razor clams; smoked razor clams; and smoked steelhead because the seafood was not adequately processed and may pose a risk for Botulism. Canned seafood that is not processed following the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s low-acid… Continue Reading

No Labels on Vacuum-Packed Crabs and Clams

Lancaster, PA isn’t close to any salt water, but the Chesapeake Crab Connection has worked up a solid retail restaurant business that apparently qualifies as a seafood processing facility. And as a seafood processor, Chesapeake Crab was inspected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last Dec. 16-21.  Inspectors said they found problems involving… Continue Reading

Seafood Processors Not Following the Rules

Seafood processors in California, North Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana are recent recipients of warning letters from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for violations found during inspections. FDA released the warnings letters, which datie back to Dec. 28, this week. The four warning letters involve failure by the seafood processors to adhere to seafood… Continue Reading

Oregon Bills Support Locally Grown Poultry

Supporters of small family farms and locally grown food in Oregon are backing three bills–the Farm Direct Bill, the Family Farm Act, and HB 2872–that address poultry processing.  (The matter is also covered in the omnibus Family Farm Act, HB 2222, which seeks to expand limits on raw milk production, among other provisions.) “In Oregon… Continue Reading