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How Much Do Voters Care About Food Safety Issues?

New poll results show they care, and they vote

Food issues have the potential to be a deciding factor in how Americans vote in the midterm elections this November. According to polling by Food Policy Action (FPA), messages about voting against politicians who want to cut food stamps for veterans, slash funding for food safety, support subsidies for corporate farms over family farms, or… Continue Reading

Poll Shows Food Safety Confidence Slightly Decreased This Year

U.S. citizens are slightly less confident in the safety of the food supply compared to recent years, according to annual polling conducted by the Center for Food Integrity. As part of the CFI’s annual study tracking attitudes toward the food supply over time, the organization asked respondents a series of questions about food prices, animal… Continue Reading

NYC Soda Size Limit Unpopular But Likely To Pass

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has charted a course for fighting obesity that does not – at least at the outset – depend upon public opinion. That’s good for him because Americans in general and New Yorkers in particular oppose Bloomberg’s plan to ban the sale of big sugary sodas in the Big Apple. Rasmussen… Continue Reading

Republicans and Democrats Agree on Food Safety, Little Else

Amid all the partisan bickering in the United States, food safety seems to be one thing that Democrat and Republican voters can agree on, according to a new poll. When it comes to food policy issues more generally, however, there’s a sharp divide between the two parties. The “Food Temperance in America” survey, released last… Continue Reading