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Biofilms with Listeria pose persistent threat in food production

It doesn’t matter how big or influential a company is, bacteria and biofilms don’t discriminate between multinationals like Dole with its tens of thousands of employees and operations like Hudson Valley Farms, where 10 or fewer people work. Both of those companies have had close encounters with Listeria, which ongoing research is showing can be… Continue Reading

Oyster research could lead to food safety strategies

Microbes battling microbes. This type of warfare is happening all around us — and even inside of us — every day. And as in every battle, there are good microbes and bad microbes, depending on what you want the outcome to be. In this case, the bad guys are pathogens that are infecting large numbers… Continue Reading

New Spray Product Takes Aim at Salmonella on Poultry

Poultry slated for grinding a good candidate

“A sneaky germ.” That’s how the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes Salmonella. The agency follows that uncomplimentary description with a warning that Salmonella can contaminate more than just poultry and eggs. “It sneaks its way into many foods — ground beef, pork, tomatoes, sprouts — even peanut butter,” says the CDC site…. Continue Reading

Food Processing Trends Underscore Need for Additional Safety

The current trend of minimization in food formulation and processing – such as the reduction of salt levels in products like meat and cheese and milder processing techniques designed to preserve fresh characteristics of products – should trigger a renewed look at food safety measures in the food industry, and might attract the attention of… Continue Reading

Food Pathogen Interventions: Phasing in Phages

Editor’s Note: This article is the continuation of a series on emerging techniques introduced at the Foodborne Pathogen Interventions Symposium in Seattle on April 27. The event was hosted by the Seafood Product Association. Today’s installment focuses on bacteriophages, presented by Dr. Alexander Sulakvelidze of Intralytix™. The word “virus” usually sends people grabbing for the… Continue Reading

Company Develops Natural Way to Fight E. coli

In the ongoing battle to keep the potentially deadly E. coli O157:H7 pathogen out of hamburger, a range of “killer strategies” has been proposed, among them: zap the meat with irradiation, test the hell out of it, check every carcass for surface contamination, and vaccinate every beef cow against E. coli. Now comes an “all-natural”… Continue Reading